Why you should own a marketing franchise that promotes local businesses

Residents’ lack of knowledge of their local area can be a significant problem for the income of local businesses.

  • Do you believe in supporting local businesses?
  • Are you looking for a rewarding career that provide reals influence and the chance to meet interesting people?
  • Would you like to promote businesses that you care about with your own marketing franchise?

If the answers are “yes”, keep reading to find out more about how you can earn solid income while supporting local businesses through TheBestOf marketing franchise.

Knowing what’s available in your area

All local SMEs face competition from large chains, especially during the first year or two. This is an issue particularly if a potential member of a local SMEs target audience is new to the area and is unaware of the local alternatives.

However, even long-term residents of local areas who would be the ideal target audience for local businesses might not know the area well enough to know to buy from them.

This lack of knowledge of local areas, can easily lead to businesses going, at best, underappreciated and at worst, bust.

What can be done to address the problem?

The only way for any business to be successful is to achieve the necessary visibility amongst its target audience.

Fortunately, the trend of supporting local businesses has recently been gaining momentum, and digital marketing attempts to comply with that trend. Some examples of that websites mobile apps like Dojo which helps users find “the best hidden gems of London” and Yplan, aimed towards making it easy for people to find events and places in their city.

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t just limited to the Internet, however. Local newspapers and radio stations are still important marketing channels for independent retailers and providers. Their significance depends largely on the industry an SME represent.

However, irrespective of an industry, the purpose of a local paper or a radio station is to know and understand the community.

The above marketing channels are important, but educating people from a young age about their local area is no less so, for both the children and the local businesses.

Being a tourist in your own city can be a very useful learning experience for children and teachers alike. These experiences can later translate into customer loyalty towards local SMEs.

What benefits are there for me?

Firstly, getting to know your town and your local businesses can be a great learning experience.

Secondly, the increases in income of local businesses are a significant contribution to the local economy and potentially to your own life within that economy. These incomes also help to uphold the unique features of your community brought in by the talents and products of small business owners.

Finally, supporting local businesses is simply better for you as a consumer. If you, for example, buy produce from local farmers, it can be of higher quality than you would find in a supermarket.

Is TheBestOf franchise the right marketing franchise for me?

When TheBestOf launched in 2005, it was a web directory of local businesses. However, it’s evolved into something much more.

It’s now an international marketing franchise that works both online and offline. The franchise believes in supporting the local businesses and expects the franchisees to do the same. The most important skills a marketing franchisee can have are communication and perseverance. You are, after all, a “word-of-mouth specialist for your community”, and having people skills is vital.

In exchange for the start-up costs and your enthusiasm, you are provided with unbeatable support and training. The training includes an induction day, seminars and webinars, technical training which can be done at home, and review sessions. The support is provided on an ongoing basis and you will have opportunities for regional meetings. Once you receive the necessary training, you can take control of your territory and enjoy the benefits of your income.

What next?

Would you like to get involved in TheBestOf marketing franchise? Then click here to learn more!

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