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The benefits of language learning – the story of a successful languages franchise

“They soak knowledge up like a sponge” is what people say about children and their learning abilities. If taught from a young age, languages can be of enormous benefit to children.

If you are attracted to the idea of working with languages and making a difference in the lives of young people and children, you might want to consider becoming a part of a languages franchise. Take a look at some benefits of language learning (the list is by no means exhaustive) and learn about a successful UK languages franchise called Kidslingo.

What does learning languages do for children

The obvious benefit of language learning for parents is the increase in the opportunities available to their children. Foreign languages skills are highly sought after by universities and many employers, and in today’s competitive job market, every parent wants to give their child as many opportunities to succeed as possible. This is done through intensive language classes at school, but many parents go the extra mile by hiring private tutors.

However, the benefits of language learning aren’t restricted to successful careers. For starters, children who began to learn languages as early as playschool years have proven to be much more open-minded, tolerant and receptive to other cultures. Children who are brought up bilingual, or even trilingual, have a lot more mental flexibility than their monolingual peers, says Dr. Antonella Sorace of the University of Edinburgh. They even have a better understanding of how their own mother tongue works than people who have never studied a foreign language. This is particularly of significance in England, where English isn’t often taught as a language.

Secondly, it has been proven that learning a second (or a third) language from a very young age can have very positive physical and mental health impacts. The human brain is a muscle and like any muscles, it needs “flexing” early on. Learning a language involves all kinds of “flexing” – learning how to pronounce unfamiliar words, remembering the words and the grammar rules, learning to structure a sentence in accordance with the rules that are completely different to one’s mother tongue are only a few things out of many a child does when he or she is learning a foreign language. The benefits of learning a foreign language from a very young age have also been proven to show as a person gets older – for instance, studies have shown that on average, dementia occurs in bilingual people half a decade later than in monolingual people.

Since the children at a very young age tend to learn in the form of a play, they aren’t bogged down by the boring facts and grammar lessons that even adults sometimes detest. In fact, the Kidslingo language franchise employs these very methods – keep reading to find out more.


Why should you own a language franchise?

First of all, franchising is a tried and tested business model and the sector is doing very well, according to the survey conducted by the BFA. The languages segment of the franchise industry is absolutely thriving. Secondly, as we’ve pointed out above, learning languages is of enormous benefits to children. Helping bring these benefits to them is an incredibly rewarding experience, says Annie from Cardiff who’s been with Kidslingo since 2015. Teaching a language has also been proven to be a terrific learning strategy, so if you are looking to be a teacher as well as a business owner, you would also have the added benefit of improving your language skills.

Thirdly, if you’re considering purchasing a foreign language franchise, chances are that you have an interest in, and knowledge of, foreign languages and want to work with them. Being a language franchisee would provide you with these opportunities and you wouldn’t even have to teach if you have no interest in it. In fact, some language franchisees have reported that they’ve been able to work full- or part-time while managing the business, although as the business grew, they simply saw no reason for working another job because the business was doing so well.

Is Kidslingo franchise for you?

People who decided to buy Kidslingo franchises have reported that they have done so due to the flexibility it offers, the fact that “no two days are ever the same”, and also for its commercial potential. Some of the franchisees are parents who needed a flexible working schedule due to their family commitments, and a stable income. Kidslingo’s business model was ideal for them in that regard.

Kidslingo offers a very attractive package to its new franchisees. For starters, the payment options are very flexible and depend on your interests – Kidslingo offers French and Spanish languages –themed packages and you can purchase one or both. You will be provided with comprehensive training and ongoing support, and the packages include lesson plans for all the ages served by the language franchise, your own social media pages, marketing materials for a wide range of marketing channels, music tracks and gear for lessons (toys, etc.).

Kidslingo’s franchisees have opportunities to run their business on their own territory and market to members of their target audience as they see fit. The revenue figures and the number of pupils per classs depend entirely on the franchisee and how they manage their business.

If you are passionate about languages, are attracted to working with children and/or are looking for a career that can help you manage your other commitments while you earn a stable income, joining Kidslingo might just be the perfect option for you.

Find out more about Kidslingo

Interested in getting involved with Kidslingo languages franchise? Click here to learn more.

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