Children’s parties – a look into two successful children’s event franchises

The children’s birthday party industry is not a dormant industry by any means. On the contrary – it’s thriving, and there are more opportunities than ever.

The children’s party industry continues to grow. Amanda Frolich from Action Kids says ‘People spend an absolute fortune on their children’s birthday parties and fortunately the recession hasn’t affected the business’.

What’s the industry like?

Parents are always ready to invest in their child’s special day. People in the industry that are willing to invest time and patience into their work, can earn quite a bit of money from a single party alone. Some business owners charge up to £250 for a party. The estimated first-year earnings for a PopKidz franchisee – a franchise we’re going to explore below – are up to £26,000.

Do you believe you have what it takes to be a children’s events franchisee? Are you looking for a fun, rewarding career that would allow you a variety few other jobs can offer? Do you have excellent people skills and high levels of patience?

If yes, take a look at the two children’s events franchises below.

Is PopKidz for me?

PopKidz is a leading children’s event franchise established in 2010. The purpose behind the establishment of the franchise was to provide to the target audience during the time when the children’s entertainment market was lacking. It caters to children of all ages.

To be a PopKidz franchisee, you need to value customer service and have excellent communication skills. The franchise values its customers and expects franchisees to put the clients’ needs and expectations above all else at all times. Confidence and patience are also required for both developing your market and dealing with customers.

In return for your start-up costs, skills and experience, PopKidz offer a comprehensive training package accompanied by ongoing training and on-site support. All the licenses and trademarks would be assigned to the franchisee by virtue of the franchise agreement that lasts for five years. The franchise also supplies all the necessary equipment and an online presence on your territory.

Is The Detective Project for me?

The Detective Project is a unique children’s event franchise as it allows children to learn about modern investigative techniques while having fun at their parties. The franchise also run workshops for children on crime scene investigation. It offers similar events to adults, e.g. murder mystery parties and team building events.

You don’t need to be a forensic expert to run a Detective Project franchise – The Detective Project doesn’t require its franchisees to have prior knowledge or experience of any investigative techniques or procedures. However, franchises should be willing to learn and be able to present themselves well. Teaching experience isn’t required, but a franchisee should be able to communicate and work well with people. The variety of services and events this children’s event franchise has on offer means that flexibility and organisation are also very important attributes.

The Detective Project five-year franchise agreement would allow you to operate a home-based business with full support from the head office. The training on offer covers all the technical and business aspects of running the franchise. Franchisees are supported by head office with marketing, brand and other business support only a call or email away. The five-year license costs £10,000.

Interested in being involved in a children’s event franchise? Click here to learn more!

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