STEM is the future: How an international franchise responds to the STEM initiative

We are surrounded by STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, on a daily basis. And yet, people – particularly parents and children – are still intimidated by the subjects, although the horizon is slowly changing.

If you are uncertain about how to introduce your child to STEM and foster an interest in it, we have tried to paint a picture of what STEM actually is and how, by using a successful business like E² Young Engineers, you can help children be on a first-name basis with STEM.

What are STEM subjects?

STEM subjects, Science, technology, engineering and maths are subjects that are not always well-received in schools by children and young adults. There are many reasons for that, which include, but aren’t limited to, society-imposed gender roles – in 2015, only 13% of people working in STEM in the UK were women – as well as adults’ limited ability to introduce STEM to children from a young age in a way that isn’t daunting, but fun. The latter problem can be argued to be the result of either adults not realising that STEM isn’t just about learning cold, hard facts, but it’s more about the child getting to know the world around them and learning to think critically.

The value of STEM to children’s education

STEM graduates are highly sought after by UK employees. If your child is going to want to go into STEM in the future, they ought to start learning the basics now. E² Young Engineers’s primary focus is fostering minds and talent of the children throughout learning in ways that are fun, as well as educational. That’s because they understand that knowing and understanding science, technology, engineering and maths isn’t just about getting the grades. Knowledge and skills gained while learning the STEM subjects can help the child develop analytical and critical thinking skills, increase their confidence and boost their organisation skills, along with many other benefits.

Being involved in the STEM initiative would mean helping your own child, and other children, to get to know STEM in a way that is accessible to them and to lay the foundations for subsequent success in the fields – both in school and in the future.

E² Young Engineers success

If you’re worried about STEM subjects being too difficult for your child – perhaps you struggled with them yourself at school, or for any other reason, you can be assured that people at E² Young Engineers indeed know that STEM isn’t easy, which is what makes learning them all the more worthwhile. The business has created exciting ways to deliver STEM subjects to children of all ages. Over 50% of the young students believe that what they learn during their E² sessions genuinely helps them at school and over 80% of the children have demonstrated very high grades in mathematics after attending E² sessions.

The E² Young Engineers business works hard to encourage young people to study STEM. Natalie, Young Engineer Marketing Manager comments,

Our focus at e² Young Engineers is on the future generations of engineers and scientists. Our initiative has always been to establish an original and unparalleled educative approach to assisting the engineers of tomorrow by creating engaging educational solutions early on. We always seek to offer every child in the world the opportunity and confidence to enter a challenging society by providing an encouraging, hands-on environment which will develop the necessary skill sets to be able to approach the STEM fields when they are young adults.

Innovative ideas

The business works hard to find new ways to stay ahead within the industry and offers unique learning experiences to young people. An example of this is BRIXO Education, where children can use bricks that safely conduct electricity that can be connected to mobile phones to enable the user to go above and beyond with their models. These can be used interchangeably with regular building blocks. These bricks can be triggered by sound, light and touch. For example, you can set your phone’s alarm clock to only stop ringing once a pyramid has been made. Or you could help a child build a nightlight that turns on when he says ‘abracadabra’. You could even make a treat dispenser for a pet that provides a treat every time he goes to his dog bed when there is a knock at the door. The possibilities are endless.

Could you be the next E² Young Engineers franchisee?

The E² Young Engineers Franchise is relatively new to the UK and is set to grow rapidly across the country in the coming years. The business could be your opportunity to be a role model, a mentor to a community of young enthusiastic learners. Being involved in the franchise means running your own business and putting your own spin on to what the franchise offers, thus letting you be your own boss and making what the franchise offers into something of your own.

Currently, there are a few E² Young Engineers centres in the UK – in Middlesex, High Wycombe and Surrey. The centres offer programs like the LEGO Challenge Enrichment Program for first to fifth grade, the GaliLEGO Enrichment Program for fourth to eighth  grade, and the Robotics & Software Engineering Program for sixth to ninth grade. The business is set to expand UK wide which means that there are plenty of  new locations for the franchise to thrive, making it easier for you to get involved and explore an untapped UK market.

Get in touch with E² Young Engineers to learn more about being a part of the STEM initiative.

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