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Starting a food franchise

Food franchises are amongst the most popular franchises around

Between 2000 and 2013, the food industry grew by around 58%, with the number of registered businesses also increasing. Part of the reason for this popularity and growth is there will always be a consumer need.

If food is your passion, then you can use franchising to turn this passion into a career. Let us explain how you can do this.

Look at yourself first

Before you even start your food franchise, consider your skills and characteristics. Because many food franchises will be mostly consumer-facing, you will need to be able to deliver quality customer service as well as quality products. Above all, you will need to be passionate about the food you will be selling.

You may also need to consider your financial situation. Food can be costly, so you will need to ensure that you have a solid contingency plan in place. In addition, because there is a high level of competition, it may take a while before your franchise is truly established.

Look at the market next

There are certain areas of the food franchise industry that are becoming saturated, such as coffee shops and sandwich bars. That does not mean you shouldn’t compete; it just means you have to find a way of standing out. You do not always need to have a Michelin star to your name, but you will have to have good customer and business skills.

You will have already looked at yourself as a potential franchisee, so consider which areas of food you are best suited to i.e. coffee, fast food etc.

Keep your premises clean

It may sound obvious but it is vital that you keep your kitchen clean. As well as being able to physically clean the food preparation areas, you also need to ensure that you store your food correctly and hygienically, and minimise air contamination.

There are various legal areas that you need to be aware of, but make sure you clearly have food hygiene procedures written down. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is a good source of information and support in this area.

Keep records of when your premises are cleaned and include details of the food you produce. Clarity is key.

Take the training

Any business working within the food and drink industry must ensure their staff are supervised and trained. Many franchisors will educate you in food preparation and safety, which is usually delivered on the job or on a specific course.

Education can also be obtained through packs produced by the FSA and other industry bodies. Though there is no expiry date for a food hygiene certificate, legislation changes and other factors may result in more inspections, so it important you maintain those high standards.

Want to find your perfect food franchise?

Food and drink is an industry with so much variety. If you have a driving passion to succeed, produce great food and deliver great customer service, then have a look at these franchises.


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