Franchisee Focus: Balancing motherhood and a successful career help local businesses thrive on the web, designing professional and fully responsive websites for small and medium sized businesses. franchisees will market and sell a range of website packages and franchisees do not need a technical background.

Suzy’s teaching career was keeping her away from her children. She knew she wanted to spend more time with them, but also needed a regular income – as well as a daily dose of adult interaction.

Flexible hours and residual income Suzy found after a friend recommended franchising. “I loved the idea of being able to work flexible hours from home. The ability to earn a residual income was definitely the icing on the cake! I wanted the security of knowing that if I am ever ill or even want to take a  family holiday, there is still money coming in.”

‘Exactly what I wanted’

Since joining in 2011, Suzy has built a strong customer base, attracting new  customers every month to ensure her residual income keeps growing. “I now have exactly what I always wanted – a business where I get to meet and work with new people every day, a rapidly growing residual income and most importantly, I can still be at home when my children get home from school.”

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Sandy Purewal

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