How to achieve the right work-life balance with SmartPA

Juggling your career and family can be a challenge.

SmartPA have created an exciting opportunity that affords you the income and flexibility you require to achieve the best of both worlds.

It’s no wonder that SmartPA Franchise is the fastest growing Partnership amongst women in the UK, aged 25 – 55.


SmartPA has had an enormous impact on my life – it has enabled me to establish myself and run my own business from home. I have been able to leave the corporate world behind with the long hours and hardly seeing my family, to a life of working the hours I please, doing the school run, having dinner with my children, doing bath time and, finally, building my own business whilst reaping all the other rewards I aim for daily” – Rebecca Cross, Southampton

As well as flexible working hours, Partners can enjoy other benefits, such as: no commute, no childcare and a better work:life balance. A SmartPA Partnership is designed to fit around your life. This includes our training which is all delivered online and through Skype, allowing you learn in your own time, around your children or whilst still in full-time employment.



“My biggest challenge as an employee was childcare. Not just costs but not being able to be the main carer for my children created guilt. So now, instead of my children fitting around work, I now fit my work around my children. I get a total work:life balance – my children don’t even think I work! The biggest positive impact is being able to pick my daughter up from school every day and spend the evening with her rather than being stuck on a train – especially now the homework is coming in fast and furious”.– Aloka Birring, London

SmartPA support Partners at every turn, even when they need time off. If you need a break, short or extended, SmartPA can support your clients and will pay you ongoing commission. This means if you need time off, to have a baby or for unforeseen circumstances, you can still earn without being in the business. Head Office will also support the growth of your business with paid work from Head Office and guaranteed clients.



“Since joining SmartPA last year, I cannot believe the support I have received from Head Office. From the CEO joining me at my first networking event, to being provided with a client earning my business over £6,000, SmartPA has supported me at every turn. In just 6 months, I am now earning £2,000 per month. I have achieved the lifestyle balance I desired, working from home and really enjoying this new way of life. I would recommend SmartPA to anyone!” – Jacqui Strachan, Fife




SmartPA Franchise is not only dedicated to supporting you in business but also to achieve the lifestyle you desire. There has never been a better time to become a SmartPA Partner. Find out more about SmartPA on Reed Commercial now.

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