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Six award winning franchise ideas

Looking for an award winning franchisee to invest in? Read on…

To help you find an excellent franchise, we’ve put together a list of the best opportunities, each having earned a ‘5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction‘ award from Smith & Henderson’s franchise programme – a system that recognises and measures franchisee satisfaction.

How does it work?

Franchisees are sent a survey asking them to rate their franchise system. The survey is made up of questions that assess the franchise. Topics include, the level of support that they receive from the franchisor, the training that they received when they joined the business, how competitive the product or service is and much more. The results are used to generate a score and franchises with the highest scores are provided with a certificate from Smith & Henderson for 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction.

1. diddi dance

diddi dance franchise

This business has topped the franchise satisfaction list two years running, achieving a satisfaction score of 95% in last November [2015]. diddi dance franchisees run unique activities with toddlers to keep them fit in a fun environment.

Franchisees receive lesson plans and have the freedom to run and teach classes around other commitments, allowing them to achieve the right work-life balance to suit their needs. Ready to put on your dancing shoes and become a franchisee? Take a look at diddi dance’s franchise profile and when you’re ready, get in touch with the business to find out more.

Click here to find out more about owning a Diddi Dance franchise.

2. Pyjama Drama

Pyjama Drama franchisePyjama Drama features in Smith and Henderson’s 2015 ‘5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction’ list and offers an imaginative, creative business for entrepreneurs looking for a fun and flexible business opportunity. There are 30 franchisees currently operating in the UK delivering drama and play programmes for babies and children under seven years old.

The sessions allow children to improve their confidence, ability to concentrate and socialise in a friendly energetic environment. If you love working with children and have a great singing voice then this could be the ideal business for you. Take a look at Pyjama Drama’s franchise profile on Reed Commercial to find out more.

Click here to find out more about owning a Pyjama Drama franchise.

3. Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners franchise

Platinum Property Partners success and positive franchisee feedback places earned them the Smith and Henderson 2015 ‘5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction award’. Their success is down to many factors, from intense ongoing training to national and regional marketing efforts.

Business owners follow the Platinum Property Partners’ business model to create their own successful property portfolio which can result in a lifelong annual income of £50,000 – £150,000. If you are ready to make a serious investment of £300,000 or more for big annual returns, then take a look at Platinum Property Partners’ franchise profile on Reed Commercial now.

Click here to find out more about owning a Platinum Property Partners franchise.

4. Puddle Ducks

Puddle Ducks franchise

Another double award winner, Puddle Ducks have proven year after year that their franchisees are satisfied with their franchise system, with 33 franchisees currently operating in the UK. Puddle Ducks offer family friendly swimming classes for babies and their parents.

Franchisees are provided with all the tools that they need to establish and run their franchise business with ongoing support from Puddle Ducks HQ. Interested in finding out how you can join the franchise system? Take a look at their franchise profile and submit an enquiry to the franchisor.

Click here to find out more about owning a Puddle Ducks franchise.

5. Right at Home

Right At Home franchiseRight at Home provide quality care across five continents and have earned the Smith & Henderson ‘5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction’ award two years running. The management business offers quality personalised care to support the growing number of people in the UK that need care and companionship services.

All franchisees have access to ongoing training and support each new business owner embarks on a two-week training course that covers everything from business development to sale and marketing. Find out more about the franchise, take a look at the Right at Home Franchise profile and if the business seems like it could be your next career move, then you can submit an enquiry for more detailed information about the business.

Click here to find out more about owning a Right at Home franchise.

6. Tatty Bumpkin

Tatty Bumpkin Ltd franchise

Tatty Bumpkin is another double winner, with franchisees consistently reporting satisfaction, earning them the 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction  award in both 2014 and 2015. The business offers yoga inspired classes for babies and children, keeping them fit and healthy by developing flexibility and promoting well-being. If you want a flexible lifestyle, ongoing support in a non-corporate environment, then this could be the business for you. Take a look at Tatty Bumpkins profile on Reed Commercial.

Click here to find out more about owning a Tatty Bumpkins franchise.

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