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Safety in the workplace – the story of a successful fire safety franchise

The importance of fire safety in the workplace cannot be overestimated. Ensuring that standards are met is a big responsibility that falls on the employer’s shoulders.

By being involved in a fire safety franchise, you can help a lot of people. Read on to learn about what fire safety in the workplace is all about and how franchises, such as Jackson Fire & Security, can help ensure it.

Fire safety in the workplace

What is fire safety?

Fire safety is a combination of practices and measures implemented to prevent, or to reduce, the destruction caused by fires. Fires – both domestic and non-domestic – are very dangerous. There were 17 non-domestic fire-related deaths in the UK in 2013/2014 alone and over one thousand injuries.

In order to prevent such events from occurring, there are laws in place which are a part of fire safety measures. These laws required require certain fire safety standards to be followed in the workplace. They exist to protect the employees and to ensure their safety.

The responsibility for implementing measures that ensure that these laws are complied with belongs to the employer. Therefore, the fire safety industry players have a very important job to do. They also have a lot of ground to cover – over 2 million UK businesses are required to have fire safety measures implemented in the workplace.

The importance of Fire Safety franchises

Fire safety measures, and their regular maintenance, require a lot of time and effort on the employer’s part. Fortunately, fire safety franchises like Jackson Fire & Security provide solutions to such problems.

Jackson Fire & Security was established in 1991 and started to franchise its model in 2013. Since so many businesses in the UK need commercial solutions to fire safety issues, the demand for businesses like Jackson Fire & Security is increasing rapidly. Indeed, although Jackson Fire & Security has businesses on many territories, they are always looking for more franchisees!

Is Jackson Fire & Security for Me?

We’ve emphasised the importance of fire safety above, and it is worth stressing that Jackson Fire & Security take it very seriously. Accordingly, the franchise expects its franchisees to have excellent problem solving skills and to be energetic and able to motivate.

Although the franchise doesn’t require you to have the knowledge of the fire safety law, you do need to have some business or sales experience.

In exchange for your skills and experience, and the start-up costs, you will be provided with comprehensive training. This training, and the support you would receive, are Jackson Fire & Security’s investment in you and your business. The training consists of an induction course, technical training and marketing training.

The support is ongoing, and franchisees can obtain it on a regular basis. Jackson Fire & Security also supply you with the newest technology and equipment. The technical assets are also accompanied with their industry contacts and partnerships. They are keen to help launch new businesses and these contacts are invaluable.

When you join Jackson Fire & Security franchise, you’ll join a company that’s been on the market for over 25 years, and you enjoy the extensive experience it has acquired over that period of time. This experience comes with goodwill, partnerships, expertise, ongoing contracts and other assets. You will own a business that provides services including installation and maintenance of security systems, fire alarms, supply of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment, and other services that help employers follow the fire safety laws.

What Next?

Interested in becoming a part of Jackson Fire & Security Franchise? Then click here to find out more!

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