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Print and sign franchise industry overview

The UK print and sign industry is one of the most visually appealing industries to work in.

Not only does it demonstrate the work of talented creative individuals, it is also quite strong financially.

What the numbers say

According to the British Printing Industries Federation (BPiF), the UK is the fifth-largest producer of printed products with around £13.5billion in turnover in 2015. Printed materials and signage also help generate interest and revenue for other UK sectors, with only the repairing of machinery thought to have added more value to economy.

With such a thriving industry that allows for high levels of creativity, franchising is a viable option.

Which franchises are available?

1. Mailboxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. franchise

With franchise areas all across the UK and across the world, Mailboxes Etc. offers various printing services across a range of sectors. In the UK alone, the franchise operates in 150 areas, including Swindon and Enfield.

The company also assists its franchisees with full training and support, as well as having already established itself as a well-respected and trusted organisation. This support also stretches to finances and business planning.

Click here to find out more about owning a Mailboxes Etc. franchise.

2. Kall Kwik

Kall Kwik franchise

One of the leading names in the print and sign industry, Kall Kwik has around 50 centres across the UK and assists in many areas of print. Because of the various areas that they operate in, Kall Kwick franchisees can have multiple income sources and repeat business.

Kall Kwik franchises will be very people-orientated with the aim of providing various solutions. A passion about the industry and for helping customers succeed is also highly recommended. With large territories across the UK, there is no shortage of opportunity.

Click here to find out more about owning a Kall Kwik franchise.

3. Embroid Me

EmbroidMe franchise

Embroid Me is slightly different from the above franchises in that it works with garment printing. That said, it is still an exciting opportunity within the creative printing industry. Embroid Me has also been ranked number one by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, and in a multi-million dollar industry, that is no mean feat!

Working with the local community, both personally and online, is essential for Embroid Me franchisees. The need for businesses to stand out amongst their competitors has resulted in the franchise growing into a market leader in the promotional printing industry.

Click here to find out more about owning a Embroid Me franchise.

What skills do you need for a franchise in this industry?

Like with most franchise opportunities, many print and sign franchises offer full training and support for their machinery and processes. That’s not to say there is no hard work.

Creativity and an eye for detail is recommended but with an exceptional support network from most franchises, these skills are easily developed. Franchisees with good management skills and good customer service are also ideal, as many print and sign companies deal with business-to-business enquiries.

What benefits are there?

For any creative individual looking to make their way into business, a franchise in the print and sign industry is definitely worth considering. Many franchises, like the ones mentioned above, will offer full training and support and will want you to succeed as much as you do.

The industry as a whole is vitally important to the UK economy and employs 122 000 people. There are also many different uses for print and signage, so naturally there will be multiple revenue streams and plenty of opportunities to grow your franchise.

What does the future hold?

In 2015, despite competition from digital industries, the print and sign industry actually performed very well, and with new advancements in technology and equipment, it is hoped that this will continue.

A need for bespoke, tailored marketing material has seen print return from a difficult period in 2009. New machines are constantly being developed which can ensure higher quality products that will give businesses greater visibility in their marketing campaigns.

What to do next

If you’d like to find out more about franchising in the print and sign industry, see what other opportunities are available in our Print and Sign category. Purchasing a franchise is very straightforward with Reed Commercial and we can advise you on all areas of your franchise journey.

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