Part time franchising: The accessible route to business ownership

Thinking about owning your own business but not sure if you have enough time to invest?

Perhaps you are not ready to commit yourself full time to a business and would like to continue working whilst owning a franchise? Being in full-time employment can be restrictive, especially if you are trying to balance other commitments with your day job. All UK workers have the legal right to request flexible working hours, but owning a franchise business and running it part-time could provide you with complete control over your working week.

A full-time worker’s hours are usually 35 or more each week. Buying a franchise doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be working full-time hours each week. Yes, there are franchises available to suit those with more time to commit, but equally, there are businesses to suit part-time availability too.

Accessible business ownership

With a part time franchise you have the opportunity to work on a flexible basis. In other words, you can balance franchising and invest time in other important aspects of your life. A clear way of identifying whether a part-time franchise is right for you is to see whether can identify with the following:

  • You are interested in a secondary source of income and are comfortable with your mainstream career. It takes a chunk of your time but you are also keen to pursue an interesting opportunity in the form of part-time franchise ownership.
  • You might be a freelancer looking to add a reliable stream of income to your regular earnings.
  • You might be unemployed currently and looking for a source of income. However, you do not want to devote yourself completely to run a start-up or other form of business.
  • You have retired and wish to invest in something which would give you a source of steady income. However, you do not wish to take it up on a full-time basis.
  • You many have other commitments to consider such as childcare and need a business that works for your lifestyle.

As a part time franchisee you could look forward to:

Flexible working hours

At times, you might question if 24 hours are really enough? Through owning a part-time franchise you have the freedom of flexible working hours. You do not have to invest a significant share of time giving you the option to devote your time elsewhere as well.

Reliable source of income

Franchising is a risk-averse route to business ownership; following an already proven business model means that you are on the route to success and more likely to turn a profit than from starting a brand new business.

If you are starting out into the world of franchising and want to see if business ownership is right for you, then buying a part-time franchise is a great place to start. You can commit less time and often less money to see if franchising is right for you. Once you reach the end of your contract, you can decide to continue with the business or go into franchising full-time. Many part-time businesses provide the option of going full-time, the question is, how many hours do you want to devote to growing your business?

Interested in finding a part-time business opportunity to suit your needs? You can browse through part time franchises for sale on Reed Commercial now.

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