Four reasons to consider a franchise working outdoors

Are you happiest when you’re outdoors and looking for an opportunity to suit your lifestyle?

There are many franchise opportunities for the green-fingered among us. Here are four benefits of choosing to become an outdoor based franchisee.

1. Reduced Stress

Working indoors can be stressful. Hours each week are spent staring at screens and tapping at keyboards. Working outdoors allows you to ditch the suit and tie, minimise your screen time and increase your levels of mobility.

2. Physical benefits

Working outdoors can involve an increase in physical activity when compared to working in an indoor office environment. Work in gardening franchises, such as Jim’s Mowing, includes mowing lawns and trimming hedges. Depending on the activity, you can benefit from a mobile lifestyle and add exercise into your workday with ease.

3. Health Benefits

Alongside the physical health benefits, spending time working outdoors has many mental health benefits too. Research has shown that there is a relationship between health, nature and the immune system. Working outdoors and being exposed to nature places the body in ‘rest and digest’’ mode which leads to good health outcomes including growing and repairing the immune system.

4. Adaptability

There are usually a mixture of responsibilities as an outdoor franchisee. The great thing about choosing an outdoor franchise is that often, the choice is there for you to work indoors too. You will be required to carry out some business admin tasks alongside your outdoor activities. You can choose to work solely as a manager and not participate in the outdoor activities, instead oversee the operations. You can also choose to become management franchisees at a later stage and benefit from the choice to swap working with your hands with overseeing operations.

Interested in working outdoors? Find out more about our outdoor based franchises.

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Sandy Purewal

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