New business ideas for franchises in 2016

Deciding that you want to start a business is a huge decision to make, but one of the biggest issues that many people face is selecting exactly what type of business they want to create and which sector their business talents would be best suited to.

Getting started with a franchise is no different and in many ways selecting what type of business you want to manage is even more important as you have the opportunity to have the backing of an internationally recognised brand.

If you are considering starting your own franchise in the new year then having some information on growing business sectors and the trends that have contributed to their growth could be essential to helping you select what type of franchise you want to be running.

That is exactly why we have compiled these new business ideas for franchises in 2016 and also taken a look at the brands that exemplify the best business trends.



It’s a fact that the world is more connected now than it ever has been before, and one aspect of this is the increased amount of travel that occurs. When people travel they will always need somewhere to relax, somewhere to eat, and frequently somewhere to meet with others.

These places will always be high in demand and while numerous hospitality businesses have seen growth and profit, 2016 is expected to bring a shift toward customer service as customer experience continues to be an effective form of marketing.

This means more traditional forms of hospitality could see a significant rise in popularity.

A great example of a franchisor that has been operating in the hospitality industry in one form or another for over 180 years is Marston’s.

This pub franchise has over 13,000 people working for them and many more that work with them as partners.

With over 60 franchised businesses nationwide their focus on customer service within a pub environment means that they are set to capitalise on at least one significant trend of 2016. Taking the opportunity to become a franchisee in the hospitality industry can bring great benefits if you are willing to drive your focus toward customer experience and repeat business.

Sports and Recreation


People are increasingly conscious of health and lifestyle in the present day. With the development of technology that assists in monitoring activity and diet coming as standard in some of the most popular tech items such as the health app that comes pre-loaded on every iPhone the visibility of sports and recreation is increasing every year.

The development of dietary products such as protein powders has also contributed to this growth with this sector expected to get even bigger in 2016.

Starting a business that aligns closely with this sector can be a fantastic choice especially if you can be operational before specific times of year such as summer when people are more likely to start a new recreational activity or sport.

Anytime Fitness is a perfect example of a brand that has become a successful franchisor with over 180 franchises currently operating.

It can be found in 23 countries around the world and has gained a fantastic reputation, even surpassing many other businesses to become the second most prestigious franchise on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2015 Franchise 500 list.

This franchise offers the benefits of owning a branded gym while enabling people to work flexible hours while having financial freedom.



Focus is something that everyone struggles with, however a study by Microsoft discovered that the average human attention span is only eight seconds long. In 2000 it was 12 seconds and to put it in perspective the attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds.

Finding ways to engage with young people in an age when technology is providing more distractions than ever before is vital, which is exactly why education businesses are so vital at providing the extra study skills that students do not necessarily always get from classrooms in which they are not tutored as directly.

Finding ways to educate in an innovative and fun way is a key aspect of the growing education sector and the franchises within this field.

A successful business in this sector that has gained an impressive reputation for its services is Kumon Education.

The business began as a way for Toru Kumon to teach his son maths at their home in Japan, however the brand developed into an international school that helps to identify the individual needs of students.

The brand has been franchising since 1958 and is available in 46 countries. The success of the Kumon teaching method means that anyone who wants to work in the education sector could start their own successful franchise with ease.



The technology sector gets extensive media coverage every single year with product releases becoming more dramatically publicised and the gaming industry filling stadiums for large events multiple times a year internationally.

By starting a tech business there is the opportunity to join an industry that is continuously growing and making new sales through repeat business every year as new products are released by large companies.

The tech industry is also tiered through production to distribution and joining the industry at any of these levels can have significant benefits.

Eazi-Apps is a great example of a company that has embraced the technological developments of recent times and has built an entire business around apps.

Eazi-Apps builds apps for businesses and has a whole network of franchisees who help new clients build mobile platforms that suit their brand.

Becoming a franchisee for a tech company like Eazi-Apps enables flexibility due to the digital aspect of the business, while the opportunities to work with a varied range of businesses in the process of providing them with digital services is an exciting opportunity for any aspiring franchisee.



A significant business trend that will become even more prominent in 2016 relates to the consumer demand for convenience.

Numerous business sectors are seeing huge growth that is being driven by delivery services, while other businesses are benefiting from the increased convenience facilitated by technology, especially smart devices.

Equally, there has been a huge growth in smaller independent food services such as food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and micro delis.

Customers love the convenience of getting a product they love without having to go far or do much to get it.

Cafe2u is a great example of a franchise that will undoubtedly benefit from this growing consumer trend. Their business is built around mobile cafes that are operated from full customised premium vans.

They currently have 220 franchises, a number that is growing constantly, and by effectively distributing specific sales areas to their franchisees they ensure that there is no competition between Cafe2u franchisees. The ability to take the product to the customer and set up shop wherever is most effective is something many businesses lack.

Not only is the consumer able to have the product they want exactly where they want it most, the franchisee is completely liberated as well.

If you have been considering starting a franchise in 2016 taking these trends and ideas on board will hopefully help to propel your dreams into reality and make your business a success.

Knowing which business sectors are going to align with trends can help you to make the right decisions in establishing yourself as a business person while also enabling you to add in effective creative ideas to help facilitate growth by fulfilling the needs of the consumer.

If you are still considering which franchise may be best for you then we suggest you take a look at franchises now on Reed Commercial and get a better idea of what opportunities exist.

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