UK’s biggest franchise exhibition attracts thousands of aspiring franchisees

The two day event, sponsored by Anytime Fitness on the 2nd and 3rd of October, provided visitors the opportunity to speak directly with over 140 bfa accredited exhibitors.

Visitors were greeted with information packs filled with advice and guidance from industry experts, along with a timetable of the upcoming events. The event included specialist franchising advice seminars delivered in 5 open theatres.

Exhibitors came from a range of industry specialisms with propositions to suit a variety of budgets. There was lots to see, keeping all ages engaged, with ninja mascots, santa claus and a double decker bus, all in the name of franchising.



Seminars covered a variety of topics, including an introduction to franchising and engaging keynote speeches including a presentation from Gareth Davies, vice president of Papa John’s UK. He stressed that the key ingredients of a successful franchisee are, “commitment, dedication and hardwork”. Gareth knows the industry well, having progressed from Pizza chef to vice president of Papa John’s UK.

Other keynote speeches came from Design My Night Co-Founder Nick Telson and 23.5 degree Managing Director Anil Patil.

The ‘Grow Your Own Business’ sessions were a hit with the business owners and franchisors. These sessions were led by experts and ran each day, providing visitors with advice and tips on business expansion.

Expert advice

Many franchisees were on hand to answer questions whilst sharing their stories of success.

Several seminars included input from successful franchisees including a presentation on ‘Real Franchise Success Stories’ during which Lynda Buntin from WPA Insurance spoke about her experience as a WPA franchisee.

“I loved the ethos of the company it was a passion for me. […] I fervently believe that good healthcare is really important. What do you get from the franchise? An enormous amount of support.”

Lynda also stressed the importance of the work-life balance:

“Yes it was hard work, but I absolutely still made sure I had time for a family life and a social life. You can still leave yourself time to pursue other things. It was my choice to work really hard. Plan properly; cut your cloth accordingly.”

Franchise Clinics

The free franchise clinics offered tailored advice through one to one sessions. Chris Roberts and the team from Franchise Finance provided visitors with financial one to one sessions during the exhibition.

He stressed the benefits of franchise exhibitions to people considering franchising,

“You will see a wide variety of the different types of business, get an idea of the different start up costs, an idea of the different types of royalties, the management service fees or MSF and different types of activities that are out there. This means that you will make a better judgement as to what will suit your pocket and allow you to understand the sort of things that you’re going to be doing everyday.”

To find opportunities to suit your pocket and lifestyle, take a look at the different franchises available.

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