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Franchisee Focus: Chris Lambert (Mac Tools)

With 120  UK wide franchisees and 25% year-on-year growth in profits, Mac Tools is a franchise set to keep expanding.

Mac Tools is one of many businesses in the auto industry that has experienced success. Last year, the auto industry exceeded a record £69bn turnover and is set to keep on growing. The industry is changing at a similar pace too, with driverless cars set to hit our streets by 2017.

We met with Mac Tools franchisee Chris Lambert at The Franchise Show and he shared his story with us, inside his Mac Tools van:

Mac Tools

‘We (Mac Tools) target the automotive industry for professional tooling. I’ve come out of the workshop as a mechanic because I wanted to work for myself. I love the tools anyway, so it was an ideal choice to buy a Mac Tools franchise.’

The transition

‘It was a big change, there’s a lot more to deal with – the running of the business, day-to-day paperwork – which are things that I’ve never experienced. I’m really enjoying it because it’s still the same environment, I’m still working with the guys that I’ve always worked with.’

Work-life balance as a Mac Tools franchisee

‘It’s difficult and there are lots of hours to do, but I see in the long run, being able to spend more time with my family. For example, at the moment, I’m able to take my kids to school once a week which is great and something I could never have done as an employee.

There are no specific attributes [of a Mac Tools franchisee]. I’ve come from a workshop background, so I’ve got knowledge of tooling, but I have no sales background so that is completely new. The tools sell themselves.’

A typical day

‘I’d be up early, pre-printing my route for the day, with my list of customers that I’ve already built up, noting any specific needs they’ve had and any tools they’ve ordered. I’d do a complete check of the stock, make sure the van is as stocked as you see it now. I’d arrive at the first call and spend the day talking to people about tools and hopefully make a few sales.’

I’d home for around six, but that’s not the end of the day as there’s still paperwork to do but, with help from a partner or anyone close, it makes it a lot easier.’

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