Looking the part as a franchisee

Dressing well has long been the accepted way making a good first impression, especially if you are meeting customers on a regular basis.

Take a look at the commuters at a train station or in a busy city; most, if not all, of them will be wearing a suit, typically black, grey, or occasionally navy. Looking the part, but not exactly standing out in a crowd!

Looking the part

Whilst it is, of course, vital that you appear well-dressed and groomed, there are a number of pros and cons for business attire. You might be surprised to learn that there are some occasions where a more casual approach to your appearance can be just as effective as a suit.

One point with attire is to be mindful of how will appear to your customers. Remember, as a business owner, you represent your business; the customer or prospect will instantly start to form an opinion about you before they even shake your hand, so make sure you demonstrate yourself in the best light. Whilst expressing your own personality can be good, it is essential that you find the right balance between this and showing professionalism.

Being the face of the business

Your business might have a great product or a deliver a great service, but your staff members can be your greatest assets. They are the face of your business; they are the ones who will be demonstrating what your business does. It is just as important that they are satisfied too.

Clear guidelines about their attire can allow them to express themselves whilst maintaining professionalism. A good way of doing this is having a regular ‘dress-down day’ where they can wear jeans and a t-shirt. Not only can this help your staff to express themselves, it can also be a light-hearted end to a potentially stressful week which can help your staff to unwind whilst still producing the best work possible.

As a franchise owner, you can be in the enviable position of being able to set your own dress code. Though this gives you a lot of freedom, like with any business, you should always keep in mind who your customers are and how they will perceive you if you are too relaxed.

It might be an idea for you to have two dress codes – one for the everyday running of your franchise (which can sometimes be operated from your home) and one for when you are liaising with new customers or going to meetings. If you have a shop, think about what you would expect as a customer; though smart-casual can be great for creating a relaxed atmosphere, you can be too casual. It is all about finding the right balance.

Tailor your future

One franchise looking to bring something new to business attire is A Suit that Fits. With an ambitious team, A Suit that Fits also provides bespoke items of clothing and it committed to allowing talented individuals to have an opportunity within fashion, an industry where these industries tend to be lacking. A Suit that Fits also allows its franchisees to benefit from their industry knowledge, providing full training as a tailor and will continue to be on hand should their franchisees need any extra support.

A Suit that Fits have demonstrated time and again that it is more than possible to appear smart and sophisticated without wearing the same style as the next person. In an era where standing out could make the difference, the best first impression is vital.

What next?

Interested in finding out more about owning a franchise that will ‘suit’ you? Check out A Suit that Fits here.

Sandy Purewal

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