Joggy Doggy: Personal training meets canine care

Featured in Running Fitness Magazine, Sled Dog World and various other publications, Joggy Doggy is proving a hit on both the fitness and pet scene.

The franchise is unique and offers ‘canicross classes’ and personal training sessions to our favourite four-legged friends, dogs of all shapes and sizes. The exercise involves running with dogs and trainers in tandem. The degrees of intensity will vary, from short strolls to fast runs. Each dog is connected to a human runner with a specially designed belt and bungee cord.

The business is growing fast, as more people opt to swap their desk-jobs for jogging with dogs, with seven franchisees already on board since the business’ beginnings in 2014.

Joggy Doggy Franchisor, Jenny Lee, answers four questions about the franchise:

1. What does it take to become a Joggy Doggy franchisee?

‘It takes ambition, energy and a willingness to drive the business forward.

You need to be prepared to promote yourself and your business.

You need to have experience with dogs and a passion for working with them as well as an interest in outdoor fitness.

You also need to be able to communicate and work with people in a coaching roles and be organised and have basic computer skills.’

2. What backgrounds do your current franchisees come from?

‘We have a real mix of backgrounds including retail buyer, chartered surveyor, accountant, armed forces, veterinary nurse and a Doctor of Psychology!’

3. What do you enjoy most about running your business?

‘I enjoy the fact that I keep fit, that I am out in the fresh air and that I can help others get those benefits too.

I also enjoy being able to work from home (having commuted four hours daily for a number of years), being able to take my dogs to work with me and having flexibility with my working day in respect of managing my time so that I can make it to my children’s ‘important ‘events such as nativity plays, music lessons etc.

I very much appreciate being able to combine my passion for running and fitness with my love for dogs and make a living out of it!’

4. Can you tell us about a memorable time out with the dogs?

‘At the end of every term we have an ‘away day’ trip for all the dog exercising clients. For the summer term we went along to Bewl Water, a local resevoir, as it was quite warm weather.

I had some volunteer human helpers plus a mixed assortment of young, bouncy friendly dogs including a lurcher called Harry and a whippet called Piper. All 18 dogs spent the trip racing along the banks of the reservoir with Harry and Piper in the front and the rest all gamely trying to catch them.

Every so often they would all divert into the reservoir amidst much splashing and barking. They had the most wonderful time and their joy was infectious. We went home at the end of the trip on a real high with some very happy and tired clients!’

Interested in finding out more about Joggy Doggy? Take a look at their franchise on Reed Commercial now.

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