Job Seeker to Franchise Owner: Motivation

In this article, we look at attributes that job seekers and franchisees share, and ask the question, ‘is it time to be your own boss?’

This week we take look at motivation, and why the motivation to seek a new job is similar to the motivation needed to succeed in owning a franchised business.

The ‘Job Cycle’

Motivation is key to enjoy a fulfilling career. If there’s no motivation for the day-to-day tasks in a role, then it’s hardly surprising for people to become disillusioned and unhappy.

Demotivation occurs for many reasons, under appreciation, long hours, or simply needing a new challenge. Typically this results in a new type of motivation – to seek a new opportunity.

The vast majority take to sites like to find a new role – at any one time nearly 60% of employed adults in the UK are seeking out new jobs to match their motivations1. However, it works out that the new role is not all that different from the one that was left behind.

It can become a disheartening cycle.

Looking in all the right places

Did you know, 69% of active job seekers have an aspiration to own their own business2?

The concept of franchising is based around shared brand success. By buying into a well established concept, you don’t have to spend time building a reputation, you can instead get on with the parts of the business that allow you to live the life that you want to lead.

In short, franchising offers an exciting risk-averse way to leave the job cycle. Building a business to suit your desires and needs, in a supportive environment with training and advice along the way.

Whether it’s the motivation to be your own boss, choose hours to suit your lifestyle, or simply to accept a new challenge (how many people can say they’ve built a business?), a franchise puts you in control.

There are franchises in nearly every industry, with investment levels to suit almost any need. Most franchises don’t require you to have specific background training in their sector, they are largely looking for one thing – motivation!

If you’ve got the desire to build a life on your terms, a passion to grow your own business, the desire to keep going when times are rough, then investing in a franchise can offer you a way to be your own boss.

Sound like you? Check out the latest franchises here now.

1. Indeed Hiring Lab, 2015

2. Survey, January 2015

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