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An Industry of Potential: IT, computing and internet franchises

Join The Tech-Revolution

With modern day technology growing at an exponential rate, it’s no wonder that new businesses and enterprises are emerging every day.

Online businesses have become the way of the future with the E-Commerce industry valued at over £40 billion and as new markets and opportunities arise, this growth is sure to continue.

As online industries thrive, new business models are becoming more important and services such as digital marketing, web design and app development are capitalising on the tech boom. Only 24% of businesses in the UK are happy with their online communications and 45% of online businesses lack a defined online strategy. With this gap in the industry, the potential for IT, computing and Internet businesses to seize the market is glaring.

If you’re looking for a way to capitalise on this new and exciting industry but don’t want the risk of an entirely fresh venture, a franchise is an excellent option. With a franchise can enjoy the pleasure of becoming your own boss and reclaiming your work/life balance, while benefiting from the support of a pre-established business model.

A Host of Opportunities

Reed Commercial has a range of potential franchises available that can help you tap into the thriving IT, computer and Internet markets. No matter what your individual interests and preferences are, you can find a franchise that is perfectly suited to you.

The Digital World

If you want to dive straight into the meat of the industry, investing in a digital marketing agency is an excellent option. Franchises such as Vibe Marketing, and Evolvin all allow you to provide a wide range of clients with a host of digital services to help grow their businesses. Most business owners don’t have the expertise necessary to grow their business online and outsource the more technical aspects of digital marketing to third parties. These services are extremely profitable, with just under a third of all marketing roles in the UK falling under the digital category.

Community Engagement

For entrepreneurs who are more customer service focused and want to have an active role in their community, Reed Commercial provides options of franchises that offer services to the public directly. FoneDoctor offers repairs to phones, tablets and other devices, which is a constant need in the modern world, while Experimac sells and repairs Apple® products. Other options include TheBestOf, which encourages you to take an active role in the community, promoting local businesses and helping your region grow and EaziLoyalty provides an alternative to out-dated loyalty cards that local cafes and restaurants will love.

Working With Kids

You even have the option of investing in a franchise that encourages you to work with and help children. Gamewagon is an exciting franchise that allows you to bring video gaming to schools, parties and clubs through team building activities. Additionally, ComputerXplorers allows you to engage kids with the ever growing world of computer science, helping them to learn and develop their skills in a range of IT activities from games development and animation to programming and robotics.

Tips for Succeeding

If you want to succeed in this industry, you’re going to need a bit of business savvy and know-how. Luckily, all of the franchises available provide extensive training and support to help you along every step of the way. Be sure to keep ahead of the game, research your chosen field extensively and always be looking for opportunities to capitalise on, your business will thrive because of it.

With the franchise industry in the UK valued at £15.1 billion with 621,000 people employed, it’s no wonder people are looking to invest. Just in the last few years the industry has grown by 10% and just under a third of franchisees run multiple ventures. The outlook is bright for franchising, so if you’re considering taking the plunge, now has never been a better time.

Thinking of investing in an online business? Choose from an extensive range of IT, Computer and Internet franchises on Reed Commercial Now.

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