How popular are franchises?

Franchises in the UK have gone from strength to strength in recent years.

The support that business owners receive from the brands that maintain the franchises alongside the training and knowledge that is on offer mean that franchises are viewed by the public in a positive light, especially when they provide quality customer service and products that consumers love.

However, the extent to which franchises have become loved by the public is often not acknowledged, which was why we conducted a survey of over 1000 people and asked them some important questions to find out just how popular franchises are.

1. During a typical month, how many times do you estimate you shop at or use the services of franchises?

Over 53% of people in the UK use franchises between one and five times a week. This figure alone shows how popular franchises are and indicates how much use they get. The various brands that people both trust and recognise clearly help to draw consumers toward franchises and possibly assists in their selection of these franchises over other businesses.

Over 18% of people visit franchises between six and ten times a week which is an even more significant figure as this indicates just how popular franchises are for almost a fifth of the population.


2. How likely are you to choose a service/shop if it is part of a franchise?

The factors that lead people toward selecting where they will do things such as shopping or eating can be varied, but in most cases people simply want the product which suits them most at the best price for them. This may be a significant factor in why over 65% of people said that a business being a franchise would not influence their decision to select it.

However, over a fifth of people stated that a business being a franchise would make them somewhat likely to choose that shop or service. This is interesting as it shows that demonstrating your business as a franchise could help to draw in a higher percentage of people than if they did not know your business was a franchise.


3. Do you usually prefer to shop with franchises in store or online?

As the internet has become increasingly prevalent, online shopping has lead to reduced sales in shops and has resulted in many businesses having to shift their focus significantly. However, businesses with a physical presence are still a huge draw for customers. Over 27% of people said they prefer to shop with franchises in store. This shows that having a physical business can still be effective.

It is important to recognise the online market as well however as over 11% of people say they prefer to shop online. Most significantly over 52% of people say they enjoy shopping in store and online equally. Businesses that offer both effective in store and online shopping capabilities are most likely to be popular as so many consumers have access to their products and services.

online franchise

4. How likely are you to use franchises when buying Christmas presents this year?

Shops always get a lot of business around the festive season and the popularity of franchises can truly be seen through the likelihood people would use them at one of the busiest times of the year. While roughly 48% of people said they were neither likely or unlikely to shop in a franchise for Christmas over 27% of those asked said they were somewhat likely to use a franchise.

Almost 14% of respondents said it was very likely they would use a franchise to buy Christmas presents which means that almost a sixth of the public will have used a franchise in the festive season for gifts. This indicates just how much business these brands will get around the holidays, and how popular franchises are if so many people have said they will use them with such certainty.

franchise present

The popularity of franchises is likely to continue as the quality of service is matched by brands across the nation as they are trained and monitored by professionals who know the best and most effective ways to keep their customers happy. There are so many people who are now using franchises that in future years more people may choose to even start their own, while people who continue shopping in them will be able to know that they are working with someone who owns the business and cares about their customers.

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