Free franchise resources

Free franchise resources to help educate your audience

Below are a series of franchise resources that have been created to help you recruit franchisees.

They are available to publish on your website and via your social channels free of charge.

As they are published independently they will help visitors to your site and followers of your social channels understand why franchising is a great way to get into business ownership.

In return for the use of these content pieces, we ask that you source them back to us and provide a link to the Reed Commercial site.

1) What is a franchise?

Want to educate your users with an interesting step-by-step introduction to franchising?

Why not link our educational guide? Click here (opens .pdf)

Alternatively, you could choose to host our infographic – see below. Click here (opens .jpg)


2) Why should I invest in a franchise?

Want an easy way to explain the features and benefits of franchising?

Why not link to our article on why you should invest in a franchise?

Alternatively, if you’ve got franchisees that are looking to sell their business, your users may benefit from learning more about why they should consider buying a franchise resale.

3) What do UK consumers want in a franchise?

A lot of users on your site might understand the basics of franchising, but do they understand why customers love using franchise businesses? To educate your users further you could use:

A great place to start is to ask how popular are franchises with consumers?

Alternatively, you can host the below infographic which looks at what consumers want in a franchise. Click here (opens .jpg)


We also have a range of different sector specific pieces which are available upon request.

We are committed to creating an industry leading bank of franchise resources, if we don’t have one that you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll do our best to create it for you!

If you have any questions, or would like to give feedback please feel free to contact us.

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