Franchisee Focus: Steward Green, franchising on the high street (Kall Kwik)

Stewart Green (53) has been running his Kall Kwik franchise in Bury St Edmunds for over 10 years and is one of Kall Kwik’s most established business owners.

His company was named Business of the Year in 2012 by the British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC).

When and how did you decide to change your career?

‘Ever since I was 20 years old, I dreamed of owning my own business. I even sought out Kall Kwik brochures but at that time I felt it wasn’t for me. I went on to work for various companies and had a very successful career working in the agricultural sector. But I realised after 23 years in the industry that I’d achieved all that I could and I wanted a new challenge. I had a lifelong ambition to run my own business and have a keen interest in photography as well as a passion for marketing.’

Why did you choose franchising?

‘I had no experience in the printing sector and it would have been too great a risk to have set up my own business. Franchising offered me the opportunity to run a printing business by providing all the training, support and expertise I would need to succeed.’

Why did you choose Kall Kwik?

‘I visited the National Franchising Exhibition in Birmingham and dropped by four print franchises including Kall Kwik. I drew up a list of the strengths and weaknesses of each franchise and Kall Kwik stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Also being part of a well-known brand is a door opener.  You’re not starting from scratch.’

Has the franchisor helped and supported you?

‘Yes very much so. They have a great understanding of the franchise market and sound knowledge of franchises. When I first started I had a Business Development Manager working alongside me for the first week to help with any teething problems.  That was very useful as it all felt very strange and new. I also attended numerous training courses covering everything from the technical side of printing to marketing and administration.

It’s great to be able to get together with like-minded individuals, and even today I benefit from the sharing of ideas and new ways to develop the business, with the rest of the network.  It’s good to have a sounding board and better than being on your own.

As part of a group you gain from more competitive purchasing power, such as good deals when purchasing equipment or preferential financial terms.’

How is your business going?

‘It’s going very well.  We’ve invested in good designers and our philosophy is very marketing focused.  Where possible we advise customers to make sure they have the right solution for their business. We’re not about just providing quotes.

Our sales have grown by a steady 7-10% each year since we took on the business, even during the recession. We have employed four more people with a total now of staff of seven.’

Would you recommend Kall Kwik to potential franchise owners?

‘Yes, particularly if you have no experience in this area and need the backup of a large organisation.  There is a lot of support and training.  Like everything in life you only achieve success if you are prepared to work hard and follow a tried and tested formula.  The sky’s the limit!’

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