Franchisee Focus: Chris Edworthy (Bartercard)

Up until a year ago, Chris Edworthy owned his own businesses.

‘Chris decided to trade that all in for the life of a Bartercard franchisee. We asked Chris to share his experiences.’

Where did you start your journey?

‘I started out as a member of Bartercard with another business that I was in the process of selling. I found Bartercard to be really beneficial to that business and so I took the opportunity to buy the franchise.

I’ve been a franchisee for about a year now and it’s gone really, really well.’

What made you decide to become a franchisee?

‘The profitability of the Bartercard franchise.

It’s a bit of a struggle for cash flow in the first year, a lot like most businesses. After that, the return on investment can be a lot better than other franchises out there.’

Why did you choose a franchise? Why not stick with your own business?

‘I had run my own business for about 13 years. I fancied a change to a 9 – 5 business, Monday to Friday. My previous businesses had always been six to seven days a week.

Also, I quite liked the idea of the support in the background.’

Why did you choose Bartercard?

‘What attracted me to Bartercard is that I don’t have a specific territory, so therefore I can attract customers from further afield without restrictions.

I’m investing my money into their business knowing that they’re going to be 100% behind me, which they have been over the past year.’

How did you find the process of reviewing and signing the franchise agreement?

‘I didn’t hire a solicitor, I just read through the agreement and highlighted the areas that I had questions or concerns about. I went back to Bartercard and sat down with Phil, the CEO, so I understood the agreement in depth.

We worked together to find the best solution for both parties.’

What advice would you give to someone about the franchise agreement?

‘If you have never run a business before or you don’t know anything about contract law, get a solicitor.

Go back to the franchisor to make sure that you are comfortable with what is in the agreement.’

Would you consider buying another franchise business?

‘Yes, I would.

Rather than a different franchise, it would probably be the same one.’

Would you do anything differently if you could go back to the beginning of your journey?

‘Win the lottery in the first month?

No, I wouldn’t change a thing.’

Any advice for a potential franchisee?

‘Work hard, be dedicated and actually believe in the product that you are selling.’

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