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Franchise partnership: Co-invest your way to success (Rainbow International)

Thinking about buying a franchise? Consider going into a franchise partnership and buy a franchise with someone that you trust.

Co-investing in a franchise is a great way to increase the level of support at hand whilst sharing the costs of starting a business.

An ordinary business partnership involves two or more people going into a business partnership and sharing responsibility for the business.

Dev and Krutika Pablo are a Husband and Wife team. They joined Rainbow International in 2015 because they were looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to build a secure and comfortable future for themselves. Covering Edinburgh, Midlothian and Livingstone, they have learned the processes quickly and are now looking to push their business even further.

The Perfect Franchise Partnership

Dev and Krutika decided to combine both of their skillsets and Krutika’s background in retail and business administration allows her to take care of the office side of the work and Dev’s background in property maintenance lends itself well to being out on the road with the technicians on a daily basis. Joining an already established territory, that have both had to hit the ground running.

“Having come into an established business with staff and processes already in place, we have both had to embrace every element and get stuck in. Once everything has settled down we will separate into those roles. I will look after staff and keep morale up and Dev will be busy with operations.”

New challenges

“In our first couple of months in the business, we had to take on one of the biggest jobs the team have ever had to deal with. A large warehouse flooded due to burst water mains and we all really had to come together as a team. If we needed support at any point it was there for us and it proved that we were ready to take on new challenges.”

Rainbow International is the leading supplier of restoration and specialist commercial cleaning services and part of global franchising giant, The Dwyer Group. With over 80 locations in the UK, we are the number one company dedicated to providing domestic and commercial restoration and cleaning services. The business offers you the chance to build a long-term, profitable management franchise and enjoy the benefits of an established and trusted brand.

Security and support

“We joined Rainbow International because we wanted to do something new and take on a new challenge. We wanted something we could do together and that would give us security for our future. We’re still young (27 and 28) and we realised that we don’t know everything so really appreciated the amount of support you receive when you join a franchise and wanted the added security.”

Rainbow International is completely different to anything we’ve ever done. It’s also an industry that will always be there and people will always rely on the services we offer. A family friend, Noreen Hughes, owner of Rainbow International in Inverness, has been running her business for a long time and seeing her become so successful really made Rainbow International stand out for us.”

Business owner background

Having come from families of business owners, both Dev and Krutika have a great work ethic and could see the rewards that being business owners can bring. However, they both valued the support on offer in helping them get off to a great start with their business and receive training in the elements of the business they didn’t have experience in.

“After initially attending a Discovery Day, we went away and did our due diligence and decided that Rainbow International was what we really wanted to do. There was a formal interview and once we were accepted we began our 3-week training course.”

“The induction training introduced us to all elements of the business. We had hands-on technician training which was fantastic. With the Rainbow Fire and Flood Training House, you can physically see the damage done by floods and fires and how the clean-up process works. The training was full on but it was a great way to start the business. The whole thing was organised really well and I couldn’t sing their praises anymore. It was really reassuring and clarified our reasons for joining a franchise.”

Franchisee support network

“The support at Rainbow International is fantastic; I couldn’t fault it. It’s a massive aspect for us. You can pick up the phone at any time and know who you need to speak to depending on the query. There’s also a whole network of franchisees who we can lean on for support. We work very closely with Noreen Hughes and we’ve reached out to her a lot. She’s helped with so many aspects of the business and helps with decisions that are best for the business and for Rainbow International. Noreen has a wealth of experience so being able to pick up the phone and have a good relationship is great. We even borrowed a technician for the day when one of our own phoned in sick. Every franchise has the same process in place so the technicians are still performing the same job.”


“My advice to anyone looking at buying a franchise would be to embrace any support you are given. There’s nothing that you won’t find useful further down the line. Take any support you can get from Head Office and use the franchise network as much as you can. If you don’t have a background in insurance, don’t worry, it’s something you learn in time. It certainly doable and well worth the challenge.”

The business is still new to Dev and Krutika but they’re prepared for new challenges and will continue to push their business forwards and find new ways to bring in revenue.

“We’re really proud of what we and our team have achieved so far. We’ve done the best we could and the recent flooding we have encountered has been our biggest test.”

Future plans

“For the future, we are looking to implement the majority of the services on offer with Rainbow International. We’ve had a few enquiries about a particular service we do not currently offer and passed the information on to another franchisee but we can see that there is a demand for the service in our area so we’re going to implement it as soon as we can. We also want to look into self-generated work because we don’t want to rely fully on the insurance work that comes through. With the contacts we have, there’s more than enough opportunity.”

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