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Franchise Ideas: Five home and gardening franchises

As the weather begins to improve, many homeowners are looking to make the most of it by spring cleaning and tidying up their lawns.

For home and gardening franchises, this time of the year can be particularly fruitful.

There are many services within the home and gardening industry, as these five franchises highlight.

1. Lawnscience

Lawnscience franchise

If tending to the lawn is something you enjoy doing, why not generate an income from this enjoyment with Lawnscience. With a variety of lawn services from mowing and general lawn-care to weed control, Lawnscience can be perfect for an experienced gardener looking for a new challenge.

Franchisees do not need any prior experience in lawn-care as a training course is available, which covers nutrition and health and safety. Lawnscience will also provide support in other areas, such as quotes and customer service.

Click here to find out more about owning a Lawnscience franchise.

2. The New Driveway Company

The New Driveway Company franchise

Spring is often a good time for homeowners to have a new driveway installed. This is where The New Driveway Company can help with their range of bespoke driveway and patio services. The organisation is well-respected in the industry, and this is why they expect professionalism from their franchisees.

Support for franchisees is continuous and includes PR, marketing and health and safety training. Even before the franchise partnership starts, the franchisee can already expect to have an exclusive territory.

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3. Whelan Pest Prevention

Whelan Pest Prevention franchise

Pests are always a problem regardless of the weather. They can be harmful to food and homeowner’s health, both of which Whelan Pest Prevention is keen to protect. The brand has been around for over fifteen years and has a strong reputation, which it is keen to share with its franchisees.

Customer service is a key part of franchising with Whelan Pest Prevention, which franchisees can learn in the training programme. Whelan Pest Prevention will also support franchisees in other areas of running a business, including sales and marketing.

Click here to find out more about owning a Whelan Pest Prevention franchise.

4. Smart Choice Cleaning

Smart Choice Cleaning franchise

Do you like everything to be clean and tidy? Do you dream of managing your own business? Smart Choice Cleaning can provide you with the chance to run your own cleaning business and improve your lifestyle. Though franchisees are not expected to clean themselves, they will be responsible for quoting jobs and ensuring they are completed to a high standard.

Smart Choice Cleaning will help franchisees learn about all areas of managing their franchise and will also provide continuous back-up support. They will also educate about managing accounts and other areas of a business.

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5. EnviroVent

EnviroVent franchise

Quality ventilation is essential no matter what the weather. EnviroVent’s energy-efficient ventilation systems help to prevent mould, condensation and improves the overall quality of indoor air. As well as providing products to benefit homeowners and businesses, EnviroVent also cares about delivering a quality service.

Franchisees will benefit from EnviroVent’s vast experience and expertise, and will receive full training and marketing support. In addition, franchisees can have a vast territory of over 400 000 homes and can even have ongoing field support.

Click here to find out more about owning a EnviroVent franchise.

As the weather continues to improve, homeowners will have a greater need for home and gardening services. Your expertise and your passion for gardening and home improvements could be all you need to start a new career and improve your work-life balance. Have a look at the other franchises available in the home and gardening industry here.

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