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Franchise focus: Louise Harris (Wilkins Chimney Sweep)

With more people installing wood burners, the traditional service of chimney sweeping is back and in popular demand.

Cosying up to a real fire something that many UK homeowners are making a reality, with over 180,000 wood burners installed in 2015 alone.

Wilkins Chimney Sweep is a business at the forefront of this demand, with ten franchisees already operating successfully in the UK.

We met with Franchise Director, Louise Harris, and she introduced us to the Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchise:

About Wilkins Chimney Sweep

‘We are a business that was established in 1895 but franchised in 2011. We are a small but growing business and we have ten franchisees currently trading (2016).’

Key attributes of a Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchisee

‘[We are looking for] somebody that wants to run a commercial chimney sweeping operation. All of our franchisees work toward professional qualifications, but we offer them the opportunity to run a business which is salable at the end of their term, or they can renew.

The franchisees are all practical, they are able to drive and they are very personable, it is important to us that they have the ability to engage with customers.’

Advantages of joining Wilkins Chimney Sweep

‘It is possible to be a chimney sweep without a Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchise, but the advantage of coming to us is that we teach people to run a business commercially and successfully.

The training [that we provide] is far more extensive. We train ‘at the coalface’ with the customers, with the [client’s] dog rushing in, with [the client’s] kids in the background and doing the job as they would do in real life.

In addition, there’s a collaboration of buying, collaborating ideas, collaborating for innovation. Every franchisee has a voice, together we are better than just a sole trader.’

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, then take a look at Wilkins Chimney Sweep’s franchise profile on Reed Commercial now.

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