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Eight ways that you can make your franchise business your own

One of the joys of franchising is that previous experience is not necessarily required and good ideas are always welcome!

As a franchisee, there is plenty of scope to deploy imagination and initiative to give your own franchise business your stamp. Here are some ways you can make your franchise more your own.

1. Ongoing development

Franchises provide training and support and this is always an excellent way to continue your personal development. By making use of the support available, you become more in command of your own franchise business.

2. Customer relations

Every successful business relies on strong customer relations. This is a perfect opportunity for you to personalise your business by establishing the trusted relations with customers. Your hard work and commitment to customer service are your own stamp on the business and the foundation of continuing success.

3. Real ambition to grow

Drive plays a key part in expanding a business and the momentum is a personal reflection of your work. The satisfaction in seeing a customer base expanding and the success of the business increasing is the satisfaction of seeing individual input turning to concrete results.

4. Leading by example

When working with others, you have the opportunity to lead by example in taking responsibility for a smooth and professional operation. This can be as simple as overseeing a warm working environment, troubleshooting before it happens, or putting your personality behind the business you run.

5. Openness to change

Businesses need to evolve to succeed and both sides in a successful franchise partnership are thinking of the future. As a franchisee you have the chance to feed ideas into the planning not only of your own franchise business but of the franchise as a whole.

6. Customising your franchise

While many franchise agreements include a contractual basis which sets out a plan for the business, there is scope to tailor the operation to the opportunities available. This can be as simple as spotting a new opportunity to win customers and making it happen, or in putting your own personal touches to communications with your client base.

7. Community networking

You are the ambassador for your franchise brand in your area and a big space for making your franchise your own is representing the franchise to the business and wider community. Many franchise owners like to establish a relationship with the local community, including bringing an aware of local issues and events into the daily running of the business.

8. Use your initiative!

The ideas here are just a start. As the person running your own business, with an awareness of the possibilities around you, the opportunities to make your franchise your own will not pass you by. Nor will you ever be alone in considering an idea. The support and advice which comes with a franchise is available as you turn your judgements of how to make your franchise your own into the reality of future success.

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