Four ways to start a franchise that keeps customers coming back

Starting your own business can be an exciting journey which brings you amazing opportunities.

Promoting your brand and building a customer base can be both exciting and interesting, but retaining those customers you have worked so hard to attract can be challenging for even the biggest company. Making sure you maintain your business and keep people coming back should be a priority, but knowing how to do this may not always be obvious

Countless brands have become established over a number of years and it is the customer loyalty they have developed that has enabled them to reach that point. Learning how to attract customers and convince them to keep returning is a key skill that requires the right knowledge. That is exactly why we asked over 1000 consumers across the UK about their relationship with franchises to discover the answers to some key questions that are essential for anyone who wants to start a successful franchise.

Quality is essential

Having knowledge of what aspects of a franchise matter most to consumers means that you can tailor your business to offer customers exactly what they want, which in turn makes it far more likely they will return. The research indicated that quality of product is the most important aspect of a franchise for customers. Over 57% of respondents said that product quality was of paramount importance to them.

Quality was a key trend in what people really valued in a franchise with 53% saying that quality of service was an important aspect to them. Value also played a key role in what people look for with almost 53% of those asked saying it was important.

People love a good deal

Knowing what might encourage people to return to a franchise is valuable information as it enables your business to direct not only marketing but also sales techniques toward being what people really want. Getting a good deal was found to be the most important thing that might encourage someone to return with almost 52% of respondents saying that this would bring them back to the franchise.

Loyalty cards and perks or promotions were also considered to be things that would encourage someone to come back to a franchise with almost 41% and 38% of people respectively saying that these factors would draw them back. Customer service was also incredibly important to people with 43% of respondents saying it would draw them back.

Great customer service is appreciated

Customer service is considered to be incredibly important by the majority of people with over 52% of those asked saying it was very important to them. Almost 34% of people said it was somewhat important while less than 1% of people said it was very unimportant.

This clearly illustrates how people respond to staff and customer service as a whole. If customer service is good people are far more likely to return to a franchise as they value it strongly.

Understand effective customer communication

Understanding how to direct your customer service focus is key to improving its standard and ensuring its effectiveness. By understanding how people use customer service it makes it far easier to communicate with customers in a positive way. Over 56% of respondents said their preferred way to communicate with customer service was via email meaning that it is important for franchises to maintain their email systems.

Customer service in person is still incredibly important with over 32% of people saying that they generally prefer to communicate in person, while the phone is still used by almost 30% of people to contact customer services. Social media is also becoming increasingly important as over 9% of people stated they like to use Facebook and 5% said they like to use Twitter to communicate with customer services.

Customer loyalty is essential to the success of any business and by developing a brand strategy that factors in this information it should be much easier to achieve goals and reach targets. The key things to remember are that if you can offer a quality product, good deals for customers, good customer service, and effective communication channels, then customers are far more likely to return and build a positive relationship with your business.

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