Four reasons to invest in a coffee franchise

Thinking about purchasing a coffee franchise?

Here are four benefits associated with this booming sector:

1. There is a high demand for such businesses

Coffe is loved the world over and in the UK, business is booming. With 1.7 billion cups of coffee sold each year, it’s no wonder coffee franchises are thriving. There are 18,000 coffee outlets in the UK and we’re set to gain another 4,000 stores by 2020. The question is, will you be running one of them?

2. It’s a sociable sector

Coffee brings people together. By owning and operating a coffee franchise, you will have the chance to meet and interact with people from all walks of life whether it be those who are working, socialising or taking some time out for themselves.

Delivering memorable service is integral to running a successful coffee franchise. Good communication skills can only strengthen your chances of success and profitability. SO if you enjoy meeting new people and delivering excellent customer service, a coffee franchise could be for you.

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3. You love coffee

If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, or are a particular fan of the cafe culture it facilitates, a coffee franchise could be a great fit.

If you are passionate about people, business and coffee, then opening a coffee franchise is the way forward. With 92% of franchise businesses succeeding in the UK, opening a coffee franchise is the risk-adverse way to realise your dream.

4. You get to be the boss

Elvis, a Really Awesome Coffee franchisee comments that his franchisor provides “the correct level of autonomy as well as excellent support”. He decided that he wanted to be self employed and now benefits from a varied lifestyle as a successful coffee franchisee.

With a mobile coffee franchise like Really Awesome Coffee, you can go directly to the customer in your own mobile vehicle and deliver coffee in a sociable stress free environment.

5. It suits your budget

Coffee franchises are relatively affordable with franchises on Reed Commercial starting at £20,000. The price often includes training, marketing and ongoing support setting up your franchise.

Interested in owning a coffee franchise? Check out the latest opportunities here.

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