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Four innovative franchises that allow you to work from home

Work from home with these innovative franchises and spend more time with your family

1. Stretch-n-grow

Stretch-n-Grow franchise

As the current obesity epidemic continues to threaten the health of the population, children are now more and more affected. With Stretch-n-Grow you can join the new world of children’s fitness and help foster a culture of health and nutrition in children from a very young age.

Through a series of games that encourage active participation, Stretch-n-Grow’s tried and true methodologies get children engaged and on their feet. With just a few staff under your management you can work from home on your own schedule. Plus with such low franchise fees and continual support and training, you’ll have no trouble growing your Stretch-n-Grow business and you can enjoy the knowledge that you’re helping the community.

Click here to find out more about owning a Strech-n-Grow franchise.

2. Eazi-apps

Eazi-Apps franchise

Smart phones are now an everyday part of our lives, as are the apps we download onto them. With Eazi-Apps you can start your own app business by becoming an Eazi-Apps network member.

No previous technical experience is necessary and the brilliant thing is that you can work from home as you run your mobile business. You’ll get all the training and marketing materials you need, plus access to comprehensive app creation technology, which will allow you to develop your app to be the best it possibly could be. Plus, you get paid handsomely for all your effort, and with enough work you can build up a residual monthly income.

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My world and I

My World and I franchise

My world and I is an innovative franchise that allows you to work from home, while helping kids to read. You’ll create instant personalised storybooks, allowing kids to become to centre of their own adventure. The books are designed to enrich children’s imagination, while encouraging them to learn and fostering a love for reading.

Absolutely no fees ensures your profits are maximised and with a bit of hard work, you’ll likely make back your investment in as little as a few months. Work from home and help children read and learn with the brilliantly innovative My World and I.

Click here to find out more about owning a My World and I franchise.

4. The Christmas decorators

The Christmas Decorators franchise

While everyone loves putting up the Christmas tree, adorning your house with Christmas lights can be quite the physical undertaking. So that everyone can enjoy the spirit of Christmas, The Christmas Decorators was established.

This franchise allows you to work from home, sending out specially trained Christmas light decorators to install stunning light displays in homes throughout the UK. With virtually no competitors, The Christmas Decorators are at the forefront of innovative business ideas, expanding rapidly over the past few years.

Click here to find out more about owning a The Christmas Decorators franchise.

The UK is now in an era of innovation and growth and for businesses to succeed, they need to provide a new or unique point of difference. With these innovative franchises, you can join the revolution of innovation, while entirely working from home.

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