Four courses to fast-track your franchise dream

Looking to sharpen your skill set in preparation for life as a franchisee?

If you are keen to get your franchising dream off the ground, then show franchisors that you mean business and take a short course with

Here are four courses to get you ready for the world of franchising:

1. Leadership and Management

How do you deliver high quality management and leadership?

What is the best way to manage the performance of your team?

When you become a franchisee, you may be faced with these questions along with others that will test your leadership and management skills.

This course provides insights and practical steps that will enable you to:

  • Deliver stability and growth
  • Manage staff performance
  • Develop your own style

Accredited by the CPD, this Leadership and Management course will get you ready to thoughtfully lead your business to success.

Course type: Online

Duration: 15 hours

Cost: Was £192, now £29

Leadership and Management training »

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2. Work-Life Balance Online Short Course

Working as your own boss comes with it’s advantages, including the opportunity to control your work-life balance.

The question is, are you prepared to manage your time effectively?

Learn how to strike the right balance and prepare yourself for life as the boss of your own franchise business. This course will show you effective methods to manage your time and set goals for your business.

You can improve your performance and lead your business as a healthy, happy franchisee.

Course type: 12 online modules

Course duration: 8 hours

Price: Was £289 now £89

Work-life Balance Course »


3. Business Presentation Skills Made Easy: The key to success

Communicating your ideas effectively is essential when becoming the boss.

The question is are you ready to convince your customers, suppliers or even the franchisor to pay attention?

If you want to learn how to get people to listen and create a compelling message then consider this course. You will learn how to effectively influence business decisions and prepare yourself for a successful career as a franchisee.

Course Type: Online videos and resources

Course Duration: Part-time with 1 year’s access

Cost: £22

Business Presentation Skills package >>


4. Marketing Training: Learn the Marketing Ideas in 1 hour

Get your marketing knowledge up to scratch fast, with this one hour marketing course.

You can make the most of the marketing support that the franchisor provides by ensuring that you understand the basics of marketing. This introductory course will allow to understand how to effectively promote your business.

For £39 you will get to grips with a wide range of issues and concepts that you will encounter when marketing your business.

Type of Content: Video, online

Course duration: 1 hour

Cost: £39

Introduction to Marketing course >>


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