Franchisee Focus: Bret Grundy (FlipOut)

FlipOut is franchise that turns childhood fantasy into reality, offering kids and adults alike the chance to bounce, flip and jump their way to a healthier happier lifestyle.

FlipOut’s trampoline arenas started in Australia and have since expanded internationally in New Zealand, Taiwan and more recently, in the UK.

We spoke with franchisor Brent Grundy about what makes FlipOut a success.

What are the benefits of becoming a FlipOut Franchisee?

‘The number one benefit is that we’re not a competitor to our franchisees. We charge a royalty and charge to cover marketing costs. We’re a team.

You don’t have to do the background work, everything is built already. You can have it, as soon as you sign those documents, it’s yours.’

What makes you different from other Franchise opportunities?

‘We’re not just a national company we’re an international company.

We’ve got international competitions coming up next year and employee exchange programmes this year. We opened up in Mexico last month and we’re opening in Dubai next month.

We’ve got four or five more franchises opening in Australia before christmas and we’ve got six here [in the UK]  that should be opening before February with another five that we’re planning on building.’

flipout franchise

What is life like for a FlipOut franchisee?

‘Working as a Flip Out franchisee doesn’t feel like work.

Since I’ve started it, it doesn’t feel like I’ve worked a day – it feels like fun. We’re franchising because we like the idea that we get to share how fun it is for us. We want to share the whole experience and create a world that is about giving fun to the customer.

We invest in the people. We don’t just invest into sites and buildings, we invest in the countries. We have funded the whole of the UK to get us open here and we want a master franchisee to run the operation.’

What is the best thing for customers about FlipOut?

‘We invest time into the kids. They learn motor skills, tricks and flips, do classes and gain confidence that will benefit every other part of their lives.  

After the kids have been here for a little while, it becomes their culture. We hire a lot of older kids to do all the crazy tricks and flips.

We don’t do rainbows and ponies. We stick to green and black. If it’s not green or black take it back. 40% of our market is over 18, so it’s about trying to get the older kids onboard. There’s no other trampoline park in the world that is doing that. and I don’t think they’re opening as fast as we are either.’

What does the future look like for FlipOut?

‘By the end of this year, we will have about 65 stores worldwide.

Last year I was in Afghanistan and we opened up there as a charity store for free. We’re trying to open up in loads of different countries, some for money some for charity as well.

We believe that every kid in the world should get to go to a FlipOut.

You can find out more about FlipOut here.

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