Five franchises working with children

Every month, parents in the UK are spending an average of £205 per child, rising to nearly £300 in London, on after-school activities.

Children are getting involved in everything, from private tuition, to music, drama, and swimming.  Isn’t it time you took advantage of the growing extra curricular market?

Here are five franchises you should consider if you love the idea of working with children:

1. Tutor Doctor

tutordoctorlogoFirmly established as one of the UK’s leading home tutoring services, Tutor Doctor are known worldwide for their high quality of tuition.

As a franchisee, you will join a growing international network of successful business owners united by the same cause – to improve the academic ability of children.

Want to teach the next Steven Hawkings? Check out Tutor Doctor

2. Pyjama Drama

pyjamadramaPyjama Drama is all about getting children to express themselves in new ways through theatre.

As a franchisee you’ll be  providing young children with drama classes that are not only fun and exciting but which also develop key social skills such as confidence, concentration, co-operation and creative problem solving.

Want to mould the next Jennifer Lawrence? Check out Pyjama Drama

3. Musical Minis


Musical minis is a franchise with a music at its heart. As a franchisee you’ll hold regular musical activity sessions for babies and toddlers to assist them with their early development.

With opportunities to be an owner-operator, or grow into a managed network, there is flexibility to suit you.

Want to find the next One Direction? Check out Musical Minis.

4. ComputerXplorers

computerxplorerIf future generations are going to be able to achieve their full potential, then they’re going to have to master the technology that’s behind all the changes today.

As a ComputerXplorers franchisee, your job will be to teach kids about having fun with technology – not just computers, but also digital art, rocketeering, digital microscopes, film-making, robotics, coding and programming.

Want to be develop the next Steve Jobs? Check out Computer Xplorers.

5. Fizz Pop Science


Fizz Pop Science bring scientific parties that are unique, memorable and guaranteed to make any child between 5 and 12 excited to say the least!

As a franchisee, your events will bring a mixture of interactive and hands on fun to learning that makes the party a resounding success every-time.

Want to create the next Einstein? Check out Fizz Pop Science.

See something you like, or want to find out more? Check out all the children’s franchises on Reed Commercial now.

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