Five food and drink business ideas

Beginning the journey to owning a business is always exciting, and for many people it has become an ambition they are keen to achieve.

However, lots of those who are keen to start a business simply do not know what sort of industry to get involved with.

That is exactly why we have identified some of the best food and drink franchise business ideas to help you create the business of your dreams and fulfill your ambitions.

1. Premium restaurants

One of the most loved pastimes in Britain is going out for dinner. Visiting a restaurant for a meal not only offers the perfect opportunity for people to socialise but also a chance to really appreciate some quality food. That is exactly why premium and gourmet restaurants have become so successful in recent times.

The Burger Priest franchise

The Burger Priest is a perfect example of these type of restaurants and is an exciting franchise that is still relatively young.

The Burger Priest offers premium healthy 100% Aberdeen Angus burgers at fantastic prices, all of which are served in a stylish environment.

The Burger Priest reflects the type of premium dining that people crave making it a perfect franchise opportunity.

Click here to find out more about owning a The Burger Priest franchise.

2. Fast food

A guilty pleasure for many, there is no arguing just how many people love fast food. The fast food industry sees high turnover due to its quick turnaround and offers people such a convenient service that it remains popular throughout the year.

Dallas Chicken and Ribs Ltd franchiseHaving pioneered the Halal Fast Food movement in London, Dallas Chicken and Ribs Ltd are a franchise that exemplifies the fast food model.

Offering both eat in and take away franchise outlets they provide a great service that many other brands have been keen to imitate.

Fast food is always high in demand and with the selection of the right location a business such as Dallas Chicken and Ribs is the ideal franchise.

Click here to find out more about owning a Dallas Chicken and Ribs franchise.

3. Sweet treats

Much of the nation has a sweet tooth and this has led to the rise in ice cream parlours and dessert bars in various locations. Having a business that can provide people with the food and drink they crave means that it will be undoubtedly popular. Offering food and drink that can be eaten in or taken away and seems like a small treat to the customer results in a business that will attract attention.

Maple Moose franchise

Maple Moose is the fastest growing crepe franchise in Europe and demonstrates how businesses focussed on sweet food and drink can be successful.

The business offers crepes, waffles, and ice cream among other treats making it popular with a wide range of people.

Equally, the business offers a consistently high gross profit margin making it a great franchise to start.

Click here to find out more about owning a Maple Moose franchise.

4. The Great British pub

Visiting the pub has become an essential element of British culture and offers people the opportunity to socialise and wind down. By offering a wide range of food and drink pubs can often attract people for a number of different reasons, whether it be a celebration, a family meal, or simply a pleasant evening out.

Marston’s franchise

is an established pub brand having been established in 1834 and having 60 franchises.

This experience combined with a recognisable brand means that many people will be happy to trust Marston’s pubs to offer a great place to relax and socialise.

Pubs are able to attract a large number of people and this variety combined with the range of food and drinks makes it an exciting franchise.

Click here to find out more about owning a Marston’s franchise.

5. Delivery

One final popular food and drink business area that has developed consistently over recent years is delivery. When people don’t feel like leaving their home but still want to treat themselves food delivery is the perfect option, and with the prevalence of the internet it is getting easier to order online every day.

One Delivery Ltd franchise

One Delivery Ltd is a food delivery franchise that offers a professional delivery service that enables customers to order from establishments that do not have their own delivery service in place. This means that customers can order from a range of restaurants they may not otherwise be able to access.

Having the opportunity to build a fleet of delivery drivers and build relationships with local businesses makes this a great franchise opportunity that is full of potential.

Click here to find out more about owning a One Delivery franchise.

There are of course many other areas within the food and drinks industry that offer franchise opportunities, but we hope that these ideas will inspire you to take the opportunity to start your own business and fulfill your ambitions. There are so many brilliant franchise ideas that have already proven themselves popular that owning your own business is more possible now than ever.

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