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Five children’s franchises for under £5k

Cost is a major factor in deciding which franchise to take on.

Some franchises can be expensive, though some are more costly than others. Then there is choosing your sector; are you looking to try something new or do you already have experience in your franchise’s industry?

Children’s franchises are one example of a sector where there are several low-cost franchises. Many of these offer childcare or activities, though there are also tutors and sporting franchises that cater for youngsters too. The franchises below all cost no more than £5000.

1. LCF Clubs

LCF Clubs franchise

Investment cost: £1,000

If you are fluent in another language, then consider setting up your own LCF Clubs franchise could be a great way to turn your expertise into a new career. LCF Clubs is the largest provider of children’s language clubs in the UK and provide a fun atmosphere for young people to learn new skills.

As an LCF Clubs franchisee, you can work from home, choosing your own timetable of activities and lessons. You will also have access to the innovative software created by LCF Clubs and above all, you do not have to language knowledge.

Click here to find out more about owning an LCF Clubs franchise.

2. Smart Raspberry

Smart Raspberry franchise

Investment cost: £5,000

Do you have a passion for creating nutritious food? Would you like to share your skills with young people? Smart Raspberry wants to hear from you! Smart Raspberry provide cooking lessons and parties to children of various ages and is now looking for new, driven franchisees to join their network.

All the tools and training that you need are provided by Smart Raspberry and you can easily run your business from home. Your clubs can also work with both the private and public sector, meaning you can target funding if necessary.

Click here to find out more about owning a Smart Raspberry franchise.

3. Diddi Dance

diddi dance franchise

Investment cost: £4995

For a rewarding franchise experience, Diddi Dance provides fun yet educational dance classes for preschool children and has been awarded five stars for franchisee satisfaction. So if you’re energetic and motivated, Diddi Dance could be right for you.

Even if you don’t have any prior dance expertise, Diddi Dance will help you with training and marketing. You will also have support with PR and managing your teachers. All you need to get started is a DBS certificate, energy and enthusiasm.

Click here to find out more about owning a Diddi Dance franchise.

4. My World and I

My World and I franchise

Investment cost: £5000

This children’s franchise puts kids at the heart of their own unique story is what My World and I franchises are all about. Many youngsters dream of being a superhero, and through a unique story-telling concept, My World and I allows them to have this opportunity.

As a My World and I franchisee, you will be required to sell books from the first network of personalised storybooks for children. You can also make use of the franchise’s easy-to-use software and management systems to help you manage your business. In addition, My World and I franchises can be operated from any location and according to any timetable.

Click here to find out more about owning My World and I Tutors franchise.

5. Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy franchise

Investment cost: £3,000

Do you dream of flexible hours and would relish the chance to teach a news skill to young people? Franchising with the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy can help you achieve both. Through a carefully designed programme, the Academy helps build confidence in children as well as teaching them various drama skills.

You can work hours that suit you and the Academy will provide comprehensive training. The curriculum is constantly being revised so your classes will always be up to date, and the Academy will be in regular phone contact throughout the year.

Click here to find out more about owning a Helen O’Grady Drama Academy franchise.

Want to find more like these?

Franchising does not always need to be expensive, as these children’s franchise options have shown. Why not see what other children’s franchises are available here.

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