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Eight ways to become a successful franchise owner

In the business world, becoming a franchise owner can have many advantages over going it alone entirely.

This includes the benefit of a ready-made brand name with a loyal following. If you decide to go into business alone then there are many factors to consider such as finding your own partners and suppliers, developing a new business plan and launching your own brand. However, it still requires some of the same entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen required to go solo. Here we look at eight ways that you can build towards a successful franchise:

1. Be ready to learn

You can never stop improving, and at the start of your franchise journey you should be ready to soak up sound advice from experts who have run successful franchises.

Most franchisors offer very good training schemes, but be ready to develop your own business skills.

2. Choose the right sector

You can take your pick from thousands of franchises spanning dozens of different industry sectors. Don’t limit yourself by looking only at industries that you are familiar with.

With many franchises, the training offered will get you up to speed on any relevant industry knowledge.

3. Maintain good business relationships

Ensure that you make the most of the network around you and keep communication open. It’s important to have emotional intelligence as the lead in a business and to create authentic and reliable bonds. Your franchisor will welcome feedback, ideas and will be willing to provide you with support.

4. Hire carefully and effectively

You might get along very well with a prospective employee during a job interview, but does this make them the best person for the job?

If you are hiring sales people, they need to be good sellers. Work with trusted recruitment professionals who can guide you in the right direction.

5. Have faith in the system

Your franchisor will probably have tried and trusted processes in place for most areas of the business.

For this reason, you should place your trust in their methods, and approach training and implementation with a ‘can do’ attitude.

6. You can never market too much

Telling the world about your franchise is normally a collaborative effort between the franchisor and the business owner, but you should take the lead in coming up with campaign ideas right from the start.

As the franchise owner, consider all channels and don’t ignore the power of online marketing in the modern era.

7. Stick to the plan

Your business model should be laid out as part of a yearly or six month plan, which is the culmination of the knowledge you have built up from your franchisor’s training, and your own business objectives.

Factor in your financial projections too, and be as realistic as possible, careful planning is the best way to ensure that your businesses is a success.

8. Stay away from the red

Loans, credit cards and other forms of finance have their use, but on the whole do your best to stay away from finance sources that could tip your business over the edge.Seek out professional financial advice whenever you might be unsure.

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