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Education franchise industry: Enriching minds, young and old

Invest in learning with an education franchise, an industry of explosive growth

From humble beginnings, private education services have expanded to create a booming market in the UK, indicating how now is an opportune time to invest in an education franchise.

In 2001, 270,000 tutors helped 1.6 million UK children and by 2014 these numbers had almost doubled with 520,000 tutors working with 2.8 million students. What’s even more surprising is that this is just a fraction of the entire private education market. Companies now provide education for everything from traditional school subjects to training in languages, sport and even cooking.

As this market expands, more and more companies are differentiating themselves from the rest by offering specific educational services for both children and adults. With such a diverse range of services, the market is in a prime position for many investors to benefit by investing in an education franchise.

In the UK the education industry is worth £17.5 billion and as private education continues to become more commonly used by families and schools alike, the industry is sure to consistently grow.

In an article posted by The Telegraph, Nevil Chiles from Kensington & Chelsea Tutors discusses how the students who benefit most from private educational services are the ones who focus on a specific subject or area rather than covering a larger range. Many parents agree and because of this, education franchises and businesses that cater to a more specific area are performing extremely well.

Tutoring options for children

Reed Commercial has a vast range of available education franchises that provide specific educational services, allowing you to see a brilliant return on your investment. First and foremost, you’ll find education franchises that cater for the traditional school subjects such as Maths, Science and English. Education franchises such as Spaghetti Maths, Fizz Pop Science and MagiKats Maths and English Tutoring are reliable investments that are in constant demand, ensuring you’ll have an easy time helping children in your community develop their knowledge and seeing promising returns on your venture.

Other available education franchises help children gain vital skills and act as brilliant options for parents who want their children to engage with extracurricular activities and after-school programs. The Musical Minis and Music Bugs franchises help children learn a musical instrument or to sing and read music, while other education franchises such as Lingotot, Progressive Sports and ComputerXplorers teach children skills in foreign languages, sports or IT. For consistently strong returns, investing in an education franchise that caters to a specific skill or activity for children is a great way to differentiate your business from the rest.

Working with adults

While many of the available education franchises at Reed Commercial cater to children, there are options that target adults and corporate businesses, providing you with the opportunity to select the franchise that most interests you. Franchises such as New Horizons and Pitman Training provide education in IT, teaching adults vital computer skills that are so commonly needed in today’s working world.

Other options such as Daisy First Aid service extremely niche markets, such as first aid training, ensuring you’ll always have a high volume of clients. Finally, the franchise NobleProg provides corporate training, for those investors who have previous corporate experience and would thrive in this market. With a global reach and excellent notoriety, this franchise is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to aim high with their education franchise.

Finding what works for you

There’s no denying the education industry in the UK is thriving. More and more people are deciding to reap the benefits of private education with 72% of children using a tutor to prepare for Common Entrance. With this in mind, entrepreneurs are jumping at the opportunity to make the most of this market of growth. While a background in education or business would give you an edge, it isn’t entirely necessary, as all of Reed Commercial’s education franchises will provide you with all the training and resources to help your business thrive. Additionally, you’ll receive continuous support throughout your time with your franchise.

Reed Commercial’s offerings of education franchises mean you’re spoilt for choice. Feel free to browse through the many available franchises to find the perfect fit for you.

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