Franchisee Focus: Jeremy Neale (Driver Hire)

Interested in running your own management franchise? Driver Hire is currently recruiting franchisees.

The company has been franchising since 1987 and it is known for supplying top quality drivers and logistics staff. Driver Hire franchisees can realistically achieve £100,000 in net profit each year. We asked Jeremy Neale, Director of Driver Hire, to tell us a little bit about the business and as well as offer some advice to people considering the franchise.

Why invest in a franchise?

It’s like a massive head start. Someone could set up a recruitment business in driving logistics, but it might take them ten years, whereas we can give them a five year head start with our knowledge, expertise and brand recall.

Can you tell us about your franchisees?

Nick started with us in his early 20’s fresh out of university and he is now a business owner running a very successful very profitable Driver Hire business.

Nick worked with us as a consultant in one of our offices, he ended up becoming a manager and eventually he brought a franchise with support from us. He’s now the seventh biggest franchisee in our network and he should go on to achieve 2 million pounds of turnover this year. Nick was up for the Customer Service Award at the British Franchise Association (BFA) Awards 2015 in October. We’re proud of him and happy that he is doing well.

Driver Hire - Reed Commercial

Can you think of another highly profitable franchisee?

There are several franchisees with turnover that surpasses the million pound point. Manjit Singh used to work in a mobile phone store and started with us six  years ago. He managed to grow his business and turnover has now gone past the three million pound mark.

In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?

An internal energy which is quite remarkable. Driver Hire is a 24 hour business, franchisees are required to answer the phones day and night -all the successful ones are really high in energy. If an individual has got energy and passion, then they will be successful.

Interested in finding out more about Driver Hire? Take a look at the franchise now on Reed Commercial.

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