Domestic cleaning on the rise – a tale of two successful cleaning franchises

The Cleaning industry might not seem like the most “glamorous” franchise option, but it can be a very lucrative business if you run it right. Many cleaning franchises offer management packages – no marigolds required.

Keep reading to learn more about the UK cleaning industry and two successful cleaning franchises.

A booming industry

Unlike the past, where domestic help was considered to be a privilege of the wealthy, today it is more of a necessity for the middle class, says CEO of Molly Maid Pam Bader. In this day and age, periods of free time are few and far between. People simply don’t have time for tasks like cleaning. As a result of this, they increasingly hire cleaners and other domestic staff like gardeners. According to the research conducted by Churchill Home Insurance, one in seven Brits employ domestic help. Indeed, the busy rhythms of modern lives have been quite helpful for the cleaning industry. Despite the lack of time to clean, people still want their homes to be neat and tidy, which is why there is a demand for residential cleaning services, as well as commercial cleaning services, in the UK.

Help around the house

First of all, having a cleaner who regularly comes around is a great way to save time on household chores. Work-life balance is a priority for many members of UK middle class, and having domestic help helps them maintain it. Investing in cleaning services and other domestic help services can make a real difference in the life of a person or their family.

Secondly, modern cleaning businesses, such as the two we’ll talk about below, use eco-friendly products that aren’t damaging the environment or people’s health. Often, such products are expensive to buy in the supermarkets, and these costs, coupled with the time it normally takes to clean a house, can be bothersome for a homeowner. However, hiring domestic help would not only help you save time on cleaning, but the packages would also include usage of eco-friendly products by the cleaners.

Benefits of owning a cleaning franchise

We have previously written about benefits of being an owner of a cleaning franchise. We’d like to remind you that there is a lot of potential for growth in the industry, especially given the nature of a cleaning franchise, which allows you to take as many clients as you can handle. It can also give you the flexibility you need to run your business from home if that’s what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn about two successful cleaning franchises that you can be a part of.


PurerClean is a window cleaning franchise that’s been on the market for over 10 years. Joining it would give you a great insight into the industry and given its experience and reputation gained over the years, it is an excellent franchise to join. They invest time in their franchisees and provide initial comprehensive training and support when needed. You would be provided with eco-friendly cleaning supplies and all the equipment – and that includes software tailored towards the business. For the initial costs, PurerClean offers an opportunity to be part of a well-established market player and run a business in a way that works best for you. Consider PurerClean if you’re looking for a business where you’d be provided with the support and flexibility that you require and work in a booming industry.

Bright & Beautiful

Bright & Beautiful is a cleaning franchise with over 50 businesses nationwide. The reason for its success is the high standards it imposes on its franchisees and the quality of service it offers. It values its clients above all else and expects the same from its franchisees. Bright & Beautiful is a cleaning franchise that uses eco-friendly products and offers fair opportunities to all franchisees in return for their investment. The start-up costs of £18,000 include eco-friendly cleaning supplies, comprehensive training on all aspects of the business, including marketing and clientele, ongoing support, and software that would allow the franchisee to work from home, thus providing them with the flexibility they require.

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