Does your future lie in… care? The story of two successful homecare franchises

The life expectancy of British people is higher than ever before. As a result, the need for high-quality home care has increased.

If you would like a career that genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives, keep reading to find out more about two successful homecare franchises.

Should I be part of the homecare industry?

The fact that people of the UK are living longer unfortunately doesn’t mean that they are healthier. Long-term effects of diseases like cancer, heart diseases and alcohol are only a few causes of deteriorating health of British people over 65. There are those who are healthy due to them staying physically fit during their younger years, but they are an exception rather than a rule. This is one reason why homecare services are now in demand more than ever.

Another reason is the changes in UK policy in relation to homecare. The social care budgets have been cut, and the eligibility criteria for homecare provided by the local authorities are stricter now than even ten years ago. However, as we’ve stated above, the need for homecare hasn’t diminished due to the deteriorating health of the elderly. For that reason, more and more people are turning towards the private sector for homecare.

Below are the stories of two successful homecare franchises that managed to capitalise on these industry fluctuations through genuinely caring about their clients and working with franchisees who do the same.

Is Home Instead Senior Care for me?

The motto of Home Instead Senior Care is “To us, it’s personal”. Indeed, since its establishment in 2005, the franchise’s aims and objectives have always been all about people, both on the national level and on the international stage. Its goodwill and reputation are some of its main assets. Therefore, the franchise expects its franchisees to share these values and to keep them in mind at all times when running their Home Instead business on their territory.

In addition to caring about people, the ideal Home Instead franchisee has experience with business management and working with people. If you are the sort of person who possesses these skills and qualities, wants real satisfaction from their career and is genuinely passionate about helping people, you should consider Home Instead. For an investment of £100,000, you would receive rights to an exclusive territory with many opportunities to maximise your returns. The support and training you would get is of the highest quality – in fact, the franchise has even won the Princess Royal Training Award for its outstanding training program. This support is ongoing, and includes business development, marketing and PR support. Each franchisee also gets their own website.

Should I consider Radfield Home Care?

Radfield Home Care is a relatively young homecare franchise, compared to Home Instead, but it’s growing and thriving in the UK. Before it turned into a franchise that provides homecare services in clients’ homes, Radfield was a small care home in Shrewsbury. With the increasing need for homecare services, the business has grown and franchisees can now gain access to an exclusive territory depending on their location and needs. The support and training are ongoing, bespoke and tailored to each franchisee, and are of equally high quality for franchisees of all territories. Technology solutions for franchisees are also entirely bespoke, but they do, together with uniforms, webpages and marketing materials, form integral parts of the Radfield Home Care Brand. The start-up costs are £25,000 plus VAT.

“Kindness. Dedication. Respect” is the motto of this homecare franchise and it expects its franchisees to fully uphold these values every day they conduct their business. To ensure that, Radfield Home Care looks for franchisees that genuinely want to help people and to run a fully ethical successful business. Top quality customer service that embraces the brand’s values is the key attribute Radfield Home Care look for in a franchisee. Ability to work with people and to build relationships is also important since Radfield Home Care is a people-centric business.

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