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The housing market always appears to be in the headlines for one reason or another.

The media always seems to be reporting on housing prices and the amount of properties across the UK, and all of these are important influences for estate agents. Contrary to some reports, there is reason for estate agents to be optimistic about their industry.

Signs of growth

There will always be a need for estate agents, particularly with continued investment in new houses and a constant pool of sellers. House prices also play a role in the success of the housing market; statistics show that average house prices have been rising, and in June 2016, the average house price was around £214,000, a jump of around £17,000 from June 2015. What this reveals is that there is clearly strength within the housing market and that the demand is continuing in spite of uncertain economic times.

With a promise of new houses being built now in place, there is another reason why estate agents can be optimistic. A continued demand for new properties means a demand for them to be filled, and this is where estate agents play a vital role. It fall to them to ensure that buyers can find their dream home and those selling their house have the best deal possible. Getting involved in a seemingly buoyant industry is more straightforward than you might think, especially with the number of estate agent franchises in operation. In most cases, all you need is a natural and confident sales ability and being able to liaise with members of the public.

‘Brick and mortar’ estate agencies

Estate agents can operate in two different ways. The first is as a ‘brick and mortar’ agent, with branches on high streets. This style enables passers-by who may not necessarily be looking for a new property to see what is on the market, which can plant a seed of curiosity. They then might go in and speak to someone face to face and find out more, creating that personalised touch that buyers crave. One such example is Northwood.

Northwood is one of the largest estate agent franchises in the UK and has been delivering quality customer service for over 20 years. With a unique Guaranteed Rent service which can double your rate, Northwood is always looking to give its franchisees the edge over their competition, whilst still promoting their famous customer service. As a Northwood franchisee, you can expect full training and the opportunity to gain new qualifications from a respected name.

Online estate agencies

The Internet has, naturally, become another place where estate agents ply their trade. Many now operate online only, though there are still those that operate both. Online franchises are a fresh way of approaching the market and are also a highly cost-effective method of capitalising on the demand for properties. By operating online, estate agents can operate outside of the normal nine-to-five hours, and their properties can be accessed at any time. One example of an online estate agent is Nu:move. With over 90% of buyers finding their home online, Nu:move gives its franchisees the chance to operate in a lucrative and growing market. Unlike many other similar franchises, Nu:move also includes both sales and lettings as part of the business, opening up multiple revenue streams.

Almond Property is another example of an estate agent utilising the Internet. Operating all across the UK, Almond’s franchisees can benefit from having their own central and local  website with all their properties accessible 24/7. However, it still keeps the traditional values at the forefront of its operations, ensuring that its franchisees are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. By working as an Almond Property franchise, talented estate agents have the opportunity to have the support of a well-established brand and full training to further their career.

The property landscape is constantly changing and estate agents are always looking to adapt their practises as a result. With housing prices increasing and more investment in new properties, there is every reason to be optimistic about the industry and as a result, there is a chance for new estate agents to emerge.

Find your golden opportunity

There are so many opportunities available for an aspiring estate agent, regardless of previous experience, so why not see what these other franchises have to offer.

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