Five advantages of becoming a part-time franchisee

Thinking about becoming a franchisee?

Why not consider a part-time opportunity.

Here are five reasons why a part-time franchise could suit you:

1. It could make your decision to invest a little easier

Becoming a part-time franchisee is a great way  to get a feel for the world of franchising.
You can assess whether franchising is right for you and either progress to work as a full-time franchisee or go back to other  employment at a later date.

2. You can work around your existing commitments

If you find that much of your time is already spent on other commitments, then part-time franchising is a a great way of becoming the boss without compromise. Whether you look after children, have elderly dependents or are employed elsewhere, you could still find the time to run your own successful part-time franchise business.

Part-time franchise

3. You can test out your other skills

If you feel that your entire skillset simply isn’t utilised in your current day job, why not test out these unused strengths via a franchise business? You can test out whether these skills equate profitably, while at the same time maintaining the security of your existing job. This approach is a great way to help you reach your full potential.

4. There are opportunities to supplement your income

As a part time franchisee you can potentially double your income by keeping your current job and running a franchise business in your spare time. Through the Independent Executives Business model, Paul Cooper found that he was able to generate “£100,000 a year working part-time hours.”

5. It allows you to save a little extra for later

Many people see franchising as a great way of creating a ‘nest egg’, by saving a portion of the money they make for the future. Investing in a part-time franchise business can provide you with the additional income needed to invest in your future.

Interested in finding out more about part-time franchises? You can choose from a variety of opportunities from food franchises such as Sweets and Treats Vending to fitness opportunities including 247 Professional Health.

Take a look at opportunities available now with Reed Commercial.

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