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Benefits of performing arts schools – the story of a successful theatre franchise

Engaging children in performing arts from a young age is of enormous benefit as “performing arts lead to a performing mind“.

Make Believe is a franchise that offers performing arts education across the UK, their focus is on getting children to be imaginative through theatre and drama. Below, we take a look at the benefits of performing arts, before considering whether the Make Believe franchise is the perfect franchise for you.

How performing arts benefit children

  1. Performing arts are of enormous benefit for young person’s health, both physical and mental. Children engaged in performing arts have been proven to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin than their peers who weren’t involved with theatre.
  2. Children involved in performing arts tend to perform academically much better than their peers. Despite understandable fears of parents about performing arts taking up study time, the performing arts extracurricular activities are worth it.
  3. Performing arts can help put the child onto the path to a successful career. Communication and presentation skills are increasingly valuable to recruiters, and performing arts help young people develop these skills.

Make Believe theatre franchise aims to achieve all of the above for all the children who participate. Keep reading to find out if Make Believe is for you.

Is Make Believe for you?

It is if you are similar to their best performing franchisees:

  • Are you passionate about seeing children’s confidence grow and their skills improve?
  • Do you have genuine enthusiasm and experience in working with children?
  • Do you have a good level of communication and interpersonal skills?

If you answered yes to the above, then you are likely a good match for Make Believe.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a business degree or teaching experience, Make Believe don’t require either. The simplicity of their franchise model is designed for those who don’t have previous business experience.

The package offered by Make Believe to its franchisees in exchange for start-up costs (circa £7,000) includes a detailed guide with marketing and promotional information and guidelines and training sessions in the franchise’s Head Office where franchisees are provided with all the necessary tools.

In the course of running the business, franchisees also receive support with finding venues and locations, recruitment of teachers and tutors (Make Believe does not allow business owners to teach), a microsite on the Make Believe website, and constant support from all franchise departments.

What next?

Do you think you would like to be part of the Make Believe theatre franchise? If yes, click here to learn more!

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