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Four benefits of owning a cleaning franchise

With the cleaning industry booming – it’s worth taking a look at the benefits of owning a cleaning franchise to find out if you are the right person to start and run your own cleaning business.

  • Are you exploring franchising options at present?
  • Do you look for job satisfaction and flexibility, along with stable income and potential growth?
  • Do you frequently experience a “rut” in your current occupation?

If so, why not consider purchasing a cleaning franchise?

Job Satisfaction

Working in an unsatisfying job that makes you feel like you’re not appreciated can feel terrible – it’s even worse when it doesn’t provide you with the flexibility you require for your other commitments.

Working in cleaning may not seem like the most glamorous pursuit, but unlike some other businesses it is able to produce life changing results.

Benefits of running a clean business


Owning a cleaning franchise, like Bright & Beautiful, can give you flexibility in your life as you can choose when and how often you work, which is very important when you have other important commitments in your life.

Most cleaning franchises don’t require you to clean at all, rather, they expect you to manage a team of cleaners. This means that you are able to move the work around to suit your day.

Being your own boss differs from a normal job in that it’s up to you to pick and choose your clients and set your own rates and working hours in accordance with your needs and those of your clients.

Potential for growth

When running a cleaning business, you can take on as many clients as you can serve. They can be individual homeowners or corporations, but either way, word of mouth and references still remain one of the biggest marketing channels in this economy. The more clients you serve, the more chances you’ll be recommended to other parties that require cleaning services, and the more money you are likely to make.


Many cleaning franchises, use sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products in their services. If you are environmentally conscious and would like to work in a field that doesn’t harm the environment, purchasing a cleaning franchise is a path that you could consider.

Mentally stimulating

It has been found that tasks like cleaning or tidying up allow for creativity to flourish. So if your true passions are of artistic variety, you can use a cleaning franchise as a source of income that lets your imagination work at a fuller capacity, thus allowing more room for inspiration.

Case study: what’s it like to be part of Bright & Beautiful?

Bright & Beautiful is a domestic cleaning franchise that imposes high standards on its franchisees which are maintained through high quality of training and a high degree of support on offer.

They value their clients and expect their franchisees to do the same. They generally look for people with a positive attitude and excellent people skills, who are determined to make their business a successful one.

In return for your investment, the franchise offers comprehensive training, opportunities to do business on your own territory, and to create and market to your own client base. You are also provided with a set of industry leading eco-friendly products. Bright & Beautiful also supply you with systems that allow you to provide training to cleaners that you hire.

What next?

Want to start a cleaning business that would give you the income and flexibility that you need? Interested in Bright & Beautiful? Click here to learn more about the cleaning franchise.

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