Do you have what it takes to become a franchisee?

Having the opportunity to become responsible for part of a recognised and respected brand is something that many people strive toward.

The appeal of running a business that people instantly know and that many people love is clear, regardless of the opportunity to make great profits and have a set of customers that return frequently.

Building a business to this level may seem like an impossible mountain to climb and that is exactly why becoming a franchisee has such great appeal. By becoming a franchisee you can gain all of the prestige that comes from an already established business while still having the opportunity to manage your own team and build your own success.

So, do you have what it takes to become a franchisee?

Are you a risk taker?


One of the big themes of entrepreneurial speeches is frequently risk taking. Entrepreneurs often discuss the risks they took and how this eventually led to their success. For many entrepreneurs these risks don’t pay off and it is common for a primary business to fail before building a better brand.

However, a franchise does not work in this way. The fact is that a franchise is an already successful business with its own operating business model. In layman’s terms, somebody else has already taken all of the necessary risks to get the brand to where it needs to be.

Becoming a franchisee means not being a risk taker. The business already has a stable system of operation and taking risks does not align with becoming part of a larger company. Instead you need to be someone who is willing to study a system and apply it flawlessly, even if you do contribute your own creative ideas and individuality.

Are you willing to ask for support?

Everyone that has the drive to manage a business is undoubtedly stubborn to some degree. If you have the determination to be successful then you will most likely have confidence in your own ideas and abilities. However, operating a franchise requires you to know when to accept help.

Being able to accept help is a key part of being a franchisee as there is a larger corporation above your business that has its own interests to protect. By knowing when you need support and by being able to take advice on board you are far more likely to succeed with a franchise.

Can you work with structure?

Managing a franchise requires you to understand how your business operates as part of a larger structure. While your franchise can function on its own it also has to fit in with the larger corporation. Understanding the structure and systems that are put in place by the franchiser are vital.

Working with structure is something that can be learned, however if you already have the skill of adapting to how other people work and also building your own ideas into other people’s plans effectively then you are likely to be suited to this aspect of being a franchisee.

Are you sociable?


Have you ever been labelled as a socialite? Or are you somebody with a significant selection of friends? Even if neither of the above are true you might still be a sociable person and having people skills is essential to being a good franchisee.

Being able to manage your employees in an effective way and also handle meetings with other people in the business are vital skills. If you feel you can talk to anyone and work with most people then being a franchisee could align perfectly with your skills.

Are you a hard worker?

Starting any business requires a lot of hard work, and the commitment required to be a successful franchisee often goes above and beyond what is required if you were simply working for somebody else. Some franchises do offer part time opportunities but your drive to make the business a success still needs to be high.

The dedication that it takes to establish your franchise effectively can be taxing at times, but the rewards are clear and speak for themselves. If you feel like you would be self-motivated and willing to work hard then you could undoubtedly make a franchise successful.

Do you know about funding?

While not all franchises require an enormous primary investment, it is still worth considering your financial position and what funding you have access to. There are some great ways to get the financial backing needed to get your business started.

There are a number of government schemes available that have helped countless people when they were starting their franchise. Equally, talking to any bank about finance can often lead to the opportunity to take out a loan if you can indicate that you are worth their investment. While it may not be cheap to start your own business by planning effectively you can make it a much easier process and one that requires less prior saving.

Becoming a franchisee is an incredible opportunity and gives you the chance to grow a business that already has a customer base ready and waiting while also having the support of a much larger business. You can build something you are proud of and possibly even make something that becomes just as famous as the central brand itself.

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