Drama franchise owner; to be, or not to be?

Parents are always looking to give their children new skills and broaden their educational horizons.

There are no limits to the number of educational groups and classes available to young people and their parents, and acting is always a popular choice. Not only can an acting class give children new skills, but they can also be a good way for them to build confidence and, of course, have fun!

Owning a franchise in this market, you can tap into the ambition of these rising stars, all whilst having a business that suits your lifestyle and gives you the income you require.

Acting is child’s play

Children have a fearless and curious approach to life and are always willing to try something a little different. It is this natural curiosity and imagination which has allowed acting to become a place where children can use both to their full potential. So what are some of the other benefits that acting classes can bring for children and their parents?

Firstly, acting allows children to start building that all-important confidence that they will need in their later lives. As a result their self-esteem grows and this in turn gives children the vital public speaking skills which will serve them well in their later professions. It might seem like early preparation, but these skills are always important at any stage of a person’s life.

Linked to this is the communication and listening skills that acting classes promote. During rehearsals, children will learn all about how to read scripts and put these into action, whilst also gaining an understanding of cues and dialogue. Understanding how to listen to the previous line or action before their own part begins is an essential lesson which will again be beneficial for their future careers. Indeed, delivering clear and confident dialogue makes the difference in a production and can also make the difference later on in a child’s life.

Additional benefits of acting

Away from speaking and communication, acting also allows children the chance to learn about body language and presence on stage. The former can teach children to recognise what other people are feeling without it being articulated to them. Learning how to appear confident and hold the attention of a room also actively encourages children to express and enjoy themselves through a creative medium; children often don’t even realise that they are learning a vital skill because they are too busy having fun!

Probably one of the most important benefits that acting can bring for children is making friends and connecting with new people. Along with giving them the confidence to approach new people, acting can also allow youngsters to be comfortable with their peers and broaden their social circle, potentially gaining life-long friends in the process. As they grow older, this skill can prove to be valuable especially as they enter their adolescent and early-adult lives.

How can you get involved?

With parents across the country eager to give their children every chance to flourish, acting franchises provide the perfect chance for them to develop key skills. Several of these franchises are also operated by parents themselves and have proved time and again to be highly profitable. Running a child acting class franchise also gives parents the opportunity to build a career around their family life as many can be operated from home or with flexible working hours, normally around the school day.

Make Believe operates performing arts tuition for youngsters between the ages of three and eighteen, and actively encourages confidence and life skills, whilst still allowing them to enjoy a new skill. The first school opened its doors in 2004 and has been growing ever since, teaching everything from acting to singing.

Aspiring Make Believe franchisees can benefit from thorough marketing support and training, whilst also having the opportunity to have their own publicised launch day. This support also extends to sourcing venues and finding the best possible teachers. As long as you have an enthusiastic approach and have a good understanding of how to communicate with children, running a performing arts franchise can be enjoyable not only for the young people that you will be working with, but for you as well.

What next?

If you’re curious about running your own franchise for aspiring young people, visit other Children focused franchises.

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