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See mammoth returns: break into business ownership with an accounting and finance franchise

If you have some business savvy or just want to invest in an industry that is stable and rearing to grow, you’d do well to look into an accounting and finance franchise.

The future looks bright

Investing in a franchise can be nerve-wracking, but with a bit of research and some strategic decision making, you can get ahead of the pack. One market that is strong and reliable enough to warrant serious consideration when investing is the accounting and finance market.

Following the GFC the market took a serious hit, but as of 2014 is has seen much stronger growth and today is looking quite robust with a worth of around £1.376 trillion and a contribution to the UK’s GVA that is just over 8%. With such a huge market thriving, investors are excited, and if you’re looking to capitalise on this growth, starting your own accounting and financial franchise is a great way to go.

Accountancy and Finance Franchises

Reed Commercial has a wide range of available accounting and financial franchises for you to choose from, ensuring you can select the franchise that best suits your skills and interests. For basic accounting, legal and tax services, franchises such as FTP Accountancy and Legal Services, Certax Accounting, Abacus Network, AIMS Accountants for Business and TaxAssist Accountants are all excellent options. Each offers a different niche accounting service, such as tax accounting, business accounting or legal accounting, so you can work in a sector that works best for you.

Another option for accounting and financial franchises are franchises that deal with loans and financing. The Car Loan Centre has seen resounding success as a franchise, with around 60 in the UK. It’s a low investment franchise that is sure to provide you with serious returns. Interface Financial Group requires a much more substantial investment, so you’ll see more substantial returns, and deals with providing finance by buying invoices from companies that have provided certain goods and services. Brokerplan and ASC Finance for Business both deal with providing financing for businesses rather than individuals, meaning if you’re more comfortable with B2B relations, these franchises are perfect for you.

Other franchises available at Reed Commercial provide more targeted financial services and may be a great way for you to profit from these more specific markets. Payrolls Direct and Rosemary Bookkeeping provide companies with bookkeeping services, while Rathbone Results allows you to break into the consulting side of the finance market.

One of the biggest industries in the UK is insurance, and the franchise WPA Healthcare Practice is a leading provider in health insurance, which is a continually growing market. Alternatively, you could work in debt retrieval with CPA Online. However, no matter what franchise you choose, you’ll have no trouble building a business that is profitable and rearing to grow even more.


You may feel like you need extensive experience in the finance market to succeed at growing a franchise in this sector, however this isn’t completely necessary. The brilliance of working with a franchise is that you’ll receive constant support and training as you develop your business. Most franchises provide you with an extended training period so you’re in the best possible position for when you launch your franchise. Additionally, you’ll receive assistance in marketing, so you can draw as many leads to your business as possible.

The finance and accounting industry is in a prime position to continue to grow with the outlook for the next few years being extremely positive with confidence in households and firms remaining high4. With this in mind, now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to invest in an accounting and financial franchise.

Find out more

You’ll find our extensive list of accounting and financial franchises cover a wide range of services and sectors, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect franchise for your skills and interests. If you find the franchise of your dreams, feel free to enter your details in the form found at the bottom of each franchise page.

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