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How to build an accountancy career from home

Creating a franchise business is a way to combine starting a business with working from home.

One of the benefits of starting a franchise is the possibility it allows not only for career development but for personal development. At a time when the world of work understands personal success in wider terms than ever before, a franchise accountancy business offer a path to a new way of working and living.

Accountancy knowledge

Do you have a CIMA or AAT qualification, or have worked in accounting before? Whether or not you have previous accountancy experience is not an essential consideration.  While a background in the accountancy sector is an advantage, and ability with numbers is obviously a requirement, the training on offer is more than enough to acquire the skills required.

What really counts is not previous experience but the willingness to take the initiative and make full use of the resources available. The courses available are run by professionally qualified accountants, whose expertise and business experience are on hand for the new franchisee.

What this opportunity involves is the passion to create something. This doesn’t simply mean a new business, although it certainly is that as well. It means the passion for creating a new way of working which combines the independence of being a franchisee with the benefits of working from home.

Working from home

For many, work life balance is a key factor. The working world of our parents’ generation was very different to the working world of today. The flexibility to combine professional success with the demands and joys of life is something increasingly sought. Working from home with an accountancy franchise can mean the passion for running a business and also the passion for managing time in a way which allows for a wider and more fulfilling life.

You may not be aware how many small businesses are already run this way! With franchising, the risk-averse approach allows the initiative to be taken towards a business in which working is combined with all the options for living that come from being based in your own home.

The benefits are not limited simply to flexible time management, but include limiting the time commuting, shaping the working environment in a way which reflects your strengths and preferences, and reducing personal expenditure through maximising the potential of the home.

Certax Accounting

The Certax Accounting franchise provides this opportunity for franchising from the home. First launched in 1999, it is now the basis of many successful businesses, serving the expanding and profitable market meeting the needs of local businesses across the UK. Supported by its own Chartered Accountancy practice, Certax Accounting is the major accounting and tax advisor franchise in the country.

The approach is fully suitable for combining starting a business and working from home and as a franchisee you benefit from the standing professional assistance of readily available communication with leading professionals.

For more information, take a look at the opportunities near you here.

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