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A day in the life of a franchisee: Kevin Watts, Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports is one of the UK’s recognisable Sports Education Brands.

Being a franchise owner is a task that Kevin Watts from South East London has undertaken with pride and passion and he explains how although his days can be varied, from one week to the next, his happiness for balancing family life and business is always apparent.

He currently has extended his territory twice and employs more than 50 staff both full-time and part-time across both sites.

“For me, business is all about working hard and playing hard, putting 100 per cent effort into what I do to get results that I need. However, it’s equally important to make sure that I do take the time out to enjoy life ans spend time with the family”.

“With any business you have to have faith in people, and give them an opportunity to shine. I strongly agree with a quote from Sir Richard Branson in that “you train people well enough so that they can leave, and you treat them well enough so that they won’t”. People are the assets of any business and key to success. I try to bring the best in people by having a reward culture in my business and I love seeing my staff compete against each other to be the best”.

Kevin’s daily routine


I start my day the same way, always have some time with my family as it’s important to me to make time for them regardless of the day ahead.


Business update using our on-line systems, I follow this with emails/calls to my team to discuss the results and praise performance. I work through my ‘to-do’list of priorities as I go. I catch up with my emails. This is the period of the day I don’t like to be disturbed in my office as it’s my time to implement new ideas and grow the business.


Catch up with my senior team in the office or on the phone. I deal with any issues regarding HR, feedback, maintenance, contract negotiations, renewals, planning marketing strategies. I ensure I allocate time for working my senior team because they are absolutely instrumental.


I get ready to leave the office to visit new, existing and sometimes old customers. Often I have pre-planned meetings with Head Teachers and Sports Co-ordinators, but I also conduct surprise visits to schools to check on the quality of services being delivered and by my staff. I usually spend an hour at each school because like to engage with lots of people when I’m there as I believe you get to know about your business by listening to the staff at the school and my staff delivering our services.

I like to give and receive feedback by engagement with front line staff as its important for recognising efforts and success keeps them motivated. A happy team equals happy customers, and happy customers equals a successful business.


Once back in the office after visits or meeting made, I deal with on-line accounting, invoicing, wages, long and short term goals and so on. Throughout the week I would engage with Head Office and perhaps other franchise owners either by phone or email to get their views on matters and help them to answer any queries that they may have.


In one respect, I consider myself lucky because my office is a ‘stone throw’away from my apartment especially in London. Most of the days when I return from work, I will end the day by spending time with the family if we decide not to go out to eat, catch up with my wife over dinner. If there is time left in the day, I will try and hit the gym, it is a great way to relax after a busy day.

Thank goodness for the 24-hour gyms now!

Want to find out more about Progressive Sports? Take a look at their franchise profile on Reed Commercial now.

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